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Torahiko: All right, it’s done!
Producer: (Nnn… Before I knew it, I fell asleep…)
Torahiko: Producer, you awake? Man, what a nice position you’re in to be able to take an afternoon nap during your work breaks.
Producer: …I can’t help it, can I? It’s been really hard on me to have to work so late last night, too.
Torahiko: I know. And that’s why I wanted to draw this on your back, since you’ve been working so hard.
Producer: …What did you draw?
Torahiko: It’s a dolphin.
Producer: (A dolphin… I wonder what kind of drawing it is. I want to see it as soon as I can. But…)
Torahiko: Uh-huh, as expected of the legendary artist the whole world takes such pride in. Now your back is entirely to my tastes.
Producer: (…If he looks that happy, then there’s no doubt that he’d drawn something beautiful.)
Producer: You look happier than ever, Kusakabe-kun!
Torahiko: Yeah! I’m really pleased with this.
Torahiko: Well then, now it’s my turn.
Producer: …Eh?
Torahiko: Oh, what? Did you really think that we’d be all done after only you were drawn on?
Producer: Wh-what do I have to do?
Torahiko: Put some of your art on me next, Producer!
Producer: But it’s not like I can do that sort of thing, you know!
Torahiko: I’m tellin’ you, it’s fine! I’ll teach you well.
Producer: Even if you say that you’ll teach me, I…!
Torahiko: It’s fine, just try it out! You’ll definitely have fun with it.
Producer: Kusakabe-kun, are you really going out there without taking that off?
Torahiko: Obviously! I realllly like this drawing, after all.
Producer: You like it, you say…
Torahiko: Yeah, it’s art in its own unique way.
Producer: (That drawing isn’t anything to be so happy about, though… Just the opposite. Somehow I feel guilty about it…)
Torahiko: I knew the stuff you drew would be good.
Producer: Eh?
Torahiko: Okay! I’m raring to go, so I’m headin’ out!


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