Seiya: Uwahhh, it’s the ocean–!
Producer: Aido-kun, don’t forget that we came here today for the show, okay?
Summer is the best! 1 (1)
Seiya: Yeah, yeah, I got it!
Producer: If you did actually understand that, then you wouldn’t be acting so excited right now… Geez.
Producer: (It looks like it’s only 9 AM… Despite the fact that he said he wanted to make some time to get to the beach early so we could play around, maybe we’re a little too early…)
Summer is the best! 1 (2)
Seiya: What’re you doing, Producer? Hurry up and get changed so we can get in the water!
Producer: Okay, okay… Woah, you got into your swimsuit in no time at all.
Producer: …Well, I guess it’s not such a bad idea to do this sort of thing every once in a while.
Producer: (Now that I’ve seen how much he’s enjoying himself, I’m glad that I made time for this, even if it was pushing it a bit.)
Producer: Anyway, I’m pretty tired… Maybe I’ll just stay around here and watch, and you can go do your own thing.
Producer: What are you– That’s cold!?
Seiya: How long are you planning to stay like that?
Summer is the best! 1 (3)
Seiya: C'mon, come swim with me, Producer!
Producer: Aido-kun…
Producer: Why do you have that water gun with you?
Summer is the best! 1 (4)
Seiya: Oh, this? Satsuki let me borrow it when I told him I was going to the beach with you.
Producer: That was a prop that he used for one of their shows, though…
Summer is the best! 1 (5)
Seiya: Is that right? But he told me that it was “essential” for playing at the beach, and insisted I take it.
Seiya: Hey, Producer. What does “essential” mean?
Producer: …It means that it’s something that’s absolutely necessary.
Producer: And just what exactly is so necessary about– Hey, that’s cold!!
Seiya: Ahaha! If you don’t hurry up and get changed, Producer, don’t you know that you’re gonna get completely drenched?
Seiya: Get changed quick and come play with me a whooole lot!


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