Producer: I’m just as tired as I expected I’d be…
Producer: (Playing at Aido-kun’s pace like this means I’ll give out way before he does…)
Seiya: Producer.
Producer: What’s up?
Seiya: What is this?
Summer is the best! 2 (1)
Seiya: It’s so pretty, the way it sparkles. Ohh… Maybe this is coral!
Seiya: …Here, I’m gonna give it to you, Producer.
Producer: Eh, to me? But you looked so happy when you found it, though…
Seiya: Yeah! I want you to have it!
Summer is the best! 2 (2)
Seiya: Being able to make summertime memories with you makes me as happy as I could ever be!
Summer is the best! 2 (4)
Seiya: I love you, Producer, which is why it’s so much fun playing around on the beach with you like this.
Producer: …In that case, then I guess we’ve got no time to waste, huh?
Producer: Since you found a little memory for me, Aido-kun, now it’s my turn to find one for you.
Summer is the best! 2 (3)
Seiya: Ah, well then, I’ve brought something really good with me!
Seiya: Ta-dah-! It’s a killer whale float! We should be able to search farther out into the sea with this, right?
Producer: You’re still as ready to play as ever, aren’t you?
Producer: …Okay then. I’ll come along with you.
Seiya: Now that’s what I’m talking about!
Producer: But just make sure that you don’t forget this– we’re here for the live show today, got it? The performance is still yet to come.
Summer is the best! 2 (5)
Seiya: Gotcha! Then for right now, let’s go play together a whole lot!


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