Seiya: Phew~, we sure played a lot!
Producer: Have you had your fill for now?
Seiya: Yeah! I’m super-super-super satisfied!
Producer: Well then, it’s almost time for us to meet up with Kanata-kun and the others, so let’s get moving.
Summer is the best! 3 (1)
Seiya: Are we gonna start rehearsing already?
Producer: We’d better eat before that. I’m sure you’re hungry, aren’t you?
Seiya: Just like I thought, Producer! You totally get me!
Producer: There are even more people here around this time, aren’t there…? Aido-kun, do you have something to cover up your face?
Seiya: Something to cover my face?
Producer: …Yeah, that’s right. Hold on a sec. I wonder if I brought something with me…
Summer is the best! 3 (2)
Seiya: Something to hide my face with… Ah, what if I cover up with the hood on my sweatshirt?
Seiya: Ohh, I feel kinda like Issei now. Hey! How’s this, Producer?
Producer: Eh?
Seiya: Ah.
Producer: (Did something hit me in the chest just now…?)
Producer: ?!
Summer is the best! 3 (3)
Seiya: Uwah–!? Sorry! Just now, that… yeah, that was an accident! I’m seriously so sorry!
Producer: .....
Seiya: P-Producer…? You’re, you’re mad, aren’t you…?
Producer: No… I’m not… mad at all, but…
Producer: (It’s okay, keep it together. It wasn’t on purpose, so calm down. It’s not like he was being malicious, and it’s not like he had any ulterior motives, so…)
Summer is the best! 3 (4)
Seiya: You really are mad, aren’t you? I mean, I touched your che–
Producer: Wai– Aido-kun! Stop! You don’t have to say anything more!
Producer: Besides, it’s- it’s fine. If we cause a scene here then we’ll bother the people around us. Let’s get going. We’ve still got to start the rehearsal!
Seiya: Y-Yeah! Got it…
Staff member: Okay, now face camera 1 and wave your hand, please!
Seiya: .....
Staff member: Umm? Aido-san?
Seiya: !? S-sorry! Does this work?
Staff member: Yup, that’s good!
Staff member: …[Name]-san. Doesn’t Aido-san seem to be acting a little off to you?
Producer: Y-you’re right!
Producer: (I wonder if he’s still worried about what happened earlier… Probably because, at his core, he’s a really serious and honest kid.)
Seiya: .....
Seiya: Gyahh–!! This is no good! I’m still worried about it after all!
Seiya: My bad!! I’m gonna borrow the producer for a bit!
Producer: Eh!? Hold on, where are we going?
Summer is the best! 3 (5)
Seiya: Producer. I’m really sorry about earlier!
Producer: I told you, don’t worry about it.
Seiya: But I’ve gotta take responsibility the way a Japanese man would, don’t I?
Producer: Hm? Like a Japanese man… Wait, no way you mean… Aido-kun!?
Seiya: I’m gonna swear this before the sunset and the ocean! I’ll cherish you for my whole life, Producer–!!
Producer: Stop!!
Seiya: Producer?
Producer: Those are words you should hold onto until you’ve got someone very important to you in your life, right?
Producer: You didn’t do this on purpose, so you can’t keep worrying about it any more!
Producer: Besides… If you’re really sorry, then I want you to put everything you’ve got into the show today!
Producer: Because the thing that I want the most is to make you into an idol.
Seiya: Producer…
Seiya: I’m gonna work my hardest during the show! So, without letting this get change your mind, will you come back here with me again next year?
Producer: Sure. Of course!
Summer is the best! 3 (6)
Seiya: Hehe. Though I really was being serious at the end there…
Producer: I’m sorry! I can’t hear you very well over the wind.
Seiya: It’s nothing! Well then, I’m gonna do my best during today’s show for both you and the fans, Producer!


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