Producer: Kagurazaka-san, are you good at cooking?
Sweet mode 1 (1)
Runa: …I suppose I’m learning the fundamentals from my mother. Why do you ask?
Producer: Oh, I’m glad…! Actually, Pop N’ Star received an offer for all three of you to appear on a cooking program.
Runa: A cooking program, is it?
Producer: It’s a special feature on Valentine’s Day. They said that since it’s becoming popular for boys to give girls chocolate on Valentine’s instead of the other way around, they’d love to have 3 crossdressers on the show.
Producer: It was such a good offer that I immediately agreed to it, but then I got anxious wondering if any of you actually know how to cook…
Sweet mode 1 (2)
Runa: I see, so it’s that sort of situation. …I imagine that those two don’t have any more experience with it than what we’ve done in home economics at school.
Runa: But if they can’t do much, they can certainly practice.
Producer: Practice…?
Runa: Yes. When are we taping this?
Producer: In a week.
Sweet mode 1 (3)
Runa: Then I think that that should be plenty of time. Kokoro has always been adept at this sort of thing, and Momo… Well, if Momo can’t do it, then that’s just how it is.
Producer: …I do feel like Oikawa-san would be forgiven if he can’t do it.
Runa: Taking his character into consideration, he wouldn’t be very good with his hands, but I’m sure we’ll manage somehow in a week.
Producer: All right then, let’s do this! We’ll practice making sweets up until the real show.
Runa: All right.
Sweet mode 1 (4)
Runa: By the way, how skilled are you at making sweets, Producer?
Producer: Eh…?
Runa: I can manage to a certain extent, but I’m not able to make complicated things yet…
Producer: Ah… Is that so? I see… Okay, I understand. Then I’ll study hard myself so that I can teach you a lot of different things.
Runa: …My apologies. I’ll do what I can and ask my mother about some things, as well.
Producer: No, not at all. I’m incredibly relieved that you know how to cook at all, Kagurazaka-san. Leave the rest to me.
Producer: It’ll be fine. Regardless of how I look, I’m still a girl, more or less. I’m sure that I….can kind of make some sweets.
Runa: …Although I was the one who suggested we practice this, please don’t push yourself, all right?
Runa: I’m sure you have other work, too…
Producer: I’m not pushing myself, so don’t you worry about it! Besides, it’s not as if I don’t like to cook.
Producer: I’m looking forward to this. I wonder what kinds of sweets all of you will make?
Sweet mode 1 (5)
Runa: Fufu, in that case, then I’m also looking forward to it. I wonder what the sweets you make will taste like?
Runa: I'll be under your care tomorrow, Producer.
Producer: Leave it to me!


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