Staff member: Well then, looking forward to working with all of you on this take.
Sweet mode 2 (1)
Runa: I’m looking forward to working with you!
Producer: (Okay, that’s his usual smile. He looks like he’s relaxed, so it seems there’s no need to be worried about his performance.)
Staff member: And, cut! That works. Good job, everyone!
Runa: Thank you very much!
Producer: (And all of his formalities are on point, too!)
Sweet mode 2 (2)
Runa: Great work, Producer. So how was it? The way I looked while I was cooking, I mean.
Producer: Yup, it was certainly a great performance. It seems like all of your hard work over the course of a week really paid off.
Runa: That’s all thanks to you, Producer. Really, thank you so very much.
Producer: Oh, no, no, I should be saying that to you. It was a lot of fun making sweets for the first time in quite a while.
Runa: By the way, this isn’t really a symbol of my gratitude, but…
Producer: ? What is it?
Sweet mode 2 (3)
Runa: Happy Valentine’s Day, Producer!
Producer: ! This is…
Runa: It’s the chocolate we made during the show. I said it on there, didn’t I? That I wanted to give this to the person I most wanted to convey my thanks and love to.
Producer: Ah, you certainly did say that in the Talk Corner segment, but…
Producer: (But I’d never have imagined that that was about me…!)
Runa: You really aren’t observant enough, Producer.
Sweet mode 2 (4)
Runa: I had said that in the hopes that a lightbulb would go off in your head, and that you’d realize that I was saying I like you, you know?
Producer: But, somebody like me isn’t really…
Runa: Please don’t put yourself down like that. And moreover, you’re always far too surprised for your own good.
Runa: It’s only natural that it hurts me when you’re so doubtful of my feelings.
Producer: That wasn’t what I was trying to–…
Sweet mode 2 (5)
Runa: Then what were you trying to do by looking so shocked?
Producer: Um, that’s…
Runa: I’ll say this one more time, so please listen well.
Runa: I’m giving you this chocolate. I put a lot of love into making it, so please do eat it.
Runa: I’m absolutely certain that it will taste better than what we made during practice.
Producer: Kagurazaka-san… Okay… Thank you.
Runa: Are you thinking to yourself that you’re happy, just like you’re supposed to?
Producer: I am. I’ll really savor this moment!
Sweet mode 2 (6)
Runa: Please don’t let anyone else see that happy face of yours. I’ll get jealous if you do… Fufu.


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