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Producer: We’ve got a gravure shoot with a Valentine’s theme today… The Valentine’s stuff just keeps going and going recently, doesn’t it?
Producer: Well, it is the season for it, after all.
Runa: But it’s amazing, isn’t it? This is the first time I’ve seen a set that’s all red like this.
Producer: It seems like they tried to evoke a mature feeling amidst the cuteness this time. Isn’t it wonderful?
Runa: Now I see why they say that women like this sort of thing. …The entire time you’ve been here, your eyes have looked like they were shining…
Producer: I wouldn’t say that.
Runa: But it’s the truth. I suppose that since I am a boy, I just can’t get used to this after all…
Producer: But aren’t you really familiar with this, always being around pastel colors?
Runa: I’d rather say that I find them pleasing to look at as opposed to being familiar with them… I haven’t felt as out of place around them as I do now.
Producer: I suppose that’s also true.
Producer: …Hey, do you think you could try standing on the set over there?
Runa: Right here?
Producer: Right.
Runa: …I’m here?
Producer: Right. You may feel out of place, Kagurazaka-san, but to someone looking on, that isn’t the case at all.
Producer: This set really suits you.
Runa: …Really? Do I look cute?
Producer: Yup, you look cuter than anyone else.
Producer: Still though, what’s wrong? It’s odd for you to be asking questions in an attempt to get me to flatter you.
Runa: I realize that this is different than usual. I wonder why I am, though…?
Runa: Somehow I feel a sort of indulgent sweetness to the mood here… I feel as though I’ve just had some chocolate.
Runa: And I feel like I want you to spoil me a bit today.
Producer: Okay, I can do plenty of that.
Runa: Fufu, thank you very much.
Runa: Ah, by the way, how did the chocolate I gave you earlier end up tasting?
Producer: I ate it and it was incredibly delicious, of course.
Runa: If that’s so, then I’m glad.
Producer: …After the shoot today is over, there’s something I’d like to give you.
Runa: Something you’d like to give me?
Producer: Since I received something as feminine as handmade chocolate, then as a real woman, I’ve got to return the favor, don’t I?
Runa: Which means that you’re going to give me some sweets you made yourself, right?
Producer: Who knows? You can look forward to finding out after this is over.
Runa: Fufu, I understand. Then I’ll work hard so that the shoot can end very quickly.


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