Taichi Muto
武藤太一, Mutou Taichi
Taichi Muto
The lethargic iKids!
"Me? Taichi Muto... This is such a bother so I'm going to take a nap with Mutsuki-san. Ah~ moving is also such a bother..."
Age 14
Birthday December 19th
Blood Type O
Height 165 cm
Weight 44 kg
Additional Information
Special Skill Nothing special
Fave Food Pork miso soup
LeastFave Food Custard pudding (Purin)
Looks up to Mutsuki Kururugi
Group bitter jump


He is an always sleepy and lethargic boy. He has no interest in becoming an idol.


Taichi Muto N (Koakuma no Himegoto) Taichi Muto N (Shinnen sakidori kokekokko!) Taichi Muto N

Character LinesEdit

I'm Taichi Muto... Hmm~ I don't really like to do energetic dances.
Idol? I'm not interested in it~
It feels cozy here. Maybe because there's a lot of greeneries here.
When I took naps, sometimes I would find Mutsuki-senpai sleeping next to me~
Moegi is an energetic kid~ I wonder from where does that energy gush forth...
Story A favorite story? You should just choose any of it...
Main Story From which one do you want to see?
You can read it as soon as you make your choice~
Love Story Love story? Ya~wn. Not interested.
While you're reading, I should go to sleep~
Shop It's where you do shopping. What are you going to buy?
Disk Purchase Is there items that help getting peaceful sleep?
Friends It said 'friend's info'...
Other In any case, you won't feel troubled if you come here, I guess?

Affection StoryEdit

Zero motivation

Taichi Muto - Zero motivation (1)
Taichi: Nn... Who is there? This here was my treasured napping spot.
Taichi: Fuwah~ ... This is the first time I've been disturbed by someone. But if you noticed, next to me sleeps an ignorant senpai.
Taichi: I'm Taichi Muto. I should be in class now, but I got sleepy so I couldn't help but sneak away.
Taichi: After all the sun is so warm here. It's nonsense to sit and study in the classroom.
Taichi: With that kind of attitude I can't become a respectable idol? ... Isn't that fine? I don't want to become an idol anyway.
Taichi: I'm not even interested in idols in the first place.
Taichi: However, it's very comfortable over there. And I have many good-natured friends.
Taichi: ... It's a waste? I see. Though, I don't think that way.
Taichi: But if you really think that, I'll try to be more serious about becoming an idol.
Taichi: Well, but I think that's absolutely impossible.

Little Devil's apprentice

Taichi Muto - Little Devil's apprentice (1)
Taichi: Haah, I'm tired from skiing.
Taichi: And this cold weather makes me sleepy. Yet I still have a Live after this...
Taichi: Being an idol is really troublesome.
Taichi: ... I know. Today I'm a backdancer for Mutsuki-senpai.
Taichi: It's alright, because I came to practise. Well, then I'll go change my clothes.
Taichi Muto - Little Devil's apprentice (2)
Taichi: I changed clothes, but... It's cold. This cold weather makes me especially sleepy.
Taichi: There is still some time until the Live, right? Do you have fee time too?
Taichi: ... Okay. Let's huddle together to warm us up.
Taichi: Well, and because I'm taking a nap now, you have to wake me up once it's time for the Live. Good ni~ght...

Napping anywhere

Taichi Muto - Napping anywhere (1)
Taichi: I'll catch a cold if if I stay here? It'll be fine. That's why I'm dressed pretty warmly today.
Taichi: And you know what I have decided I'm going to do, right? I'll try to take a nap.
Taichi: It's useless to say no, so in order that I won't catch a cold, you only have to keep me warm, don't you?
Taichi: Eh, wait, don't drag me with you like that. I can walk by myself. You're way too strong.
Taichi Muto - Napping anywhere (2)
Taichi: You don't have to worry so much too. I'm perfectly prepared for the Live.
Taichi: You kept saying to quickly change my clothes, but it seems someone who is dressed super lightly would catch a cold, you know?
Taichi: But my body is warmed up now since I did warm-up exercises.
Taichi: I'm not particularly determined to become an idol, but since I'm dancing behind Mutsuki-senpai, I will not cut corners.
Taichi: Well, you'll see. When this here is over I'll take a nap instead, so don't get in my way.

Appears inEdit

Birthday QuotesEdit

Own Today is, my birthday? ...I completely forgot about it.
Moegi Moegi was really happy when I wished him a happy birthday...
Mutsuki Mutsuki-san, happy birthday... I’m going to sleep.
Producer Nn... It’s your birthday? Congrats...


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