Profile Story
(Profile Story) Takamichi Sanzenin

You finally appeared. If I had to wait any longer than this I was thinking of going home.
Promise? There wasn't such a thing... It's just that I wanted to meet you so I waited here.
Why are you blushing... don't get the wrong idea! I just had something I wanted to discuss with you.
It seems like... ah never mind...!
What I wanted to say, in other words... I am against calling you "teacher"!
Cause it's embarrassing calling someone in the same grade teacher...
D-don't laugh!
Not to mention, you're going to be our producer?
Are you okay with that? Aren't there other things you'd rather do?
You want to entrust your dream to us? ... Are you being serious?
... Ah, you've got a real serious look in your eyes. Geez, you really are...
I'm just going to put it out there, but I'm not going to let you entrust your dream to me. If you want something to come true, do it yourself!

Initial R/RR In the name of the House of Sanzenin!
Second Batch R/RR Resolution that tastes like sauce
Initial SR/UR The Shadow's Great Efforts
Art Appreciation SR/UR Art appreciation, Sanzenin style!
June Bride SR/UR Bride candidate?!
Phantom Thief VS Police SR/UR Perfect police
Hot Springs SR/UR Calm relationship
Second Batch SR/UR Future bride
Snowy Day SR/UR Disastrous accident!?
Cyber SR/UR Resolution to love
Yuugana mujintou e youkoso SR/UR That summer once again
Doctor SR/UR Effort and crevice
Gothic SR/UR Show-off night school
BAD BOY! BAD DAY! SR/UR Gap de fine performance?
Initial LE/GR Nobility room?
X'mas LE/GR Only today
Banshou no Le Ciel Bleu LE/GR The blue sky on top of the board
1st Anniversary LE/GR Vow of Diamonds
Pool LE/GR Regardless of age
Halloween 2016 LE/GR Black wings and white love
Unmei no Kiss shot LE/GR Kiss shot of destiny
QA LE/GR To stay by my side
2nd Anniversary LE/GR Sign of resolution
Party People LE/GR Party People Outfit
Birthday LE/GR The promise I believed in
New Year 2018 LE/GR Hagoita and promise
Hiking LE/GR Off mode trekking