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Being a hard worker is Takamichi's strong point
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Takamichi, thank you for everything~. Nama-chan feels grateful to you~

What do you think is your selling point as an idol?
I can do anything. From piano to trombone and violin. When it comes to musical instruments I can play anything.

If you had to describe your type of woman?
A woman that won't oppose me. The Sanzenin household has been a patriarch family for entire generations. Stubborn women aren't accepted.

Your favorite saying (or motto)?
"A skilled hawk hides its talons." Doesn't it fit me perfectly? [1]

If one day you became one of the other I-chu's, who would you want to become?
I've been told by Futami that I don't have the artistic taste...So why not become Torahiko and look back at him triumphant!

If you didn't aim to become an idol, then what would you have become?
Maybe succeed my father in the family and become a president? I can't think of anything besides that....

Someone you respect (admire)?
Kuroda Kanbei! He was a well known tactician after all. Perfectly fitting for someone intellectual like me.

Someone that took your interest? (someone you consider a rival)
Ban. The Sanzenin family can't lose to the Jumonji one at all costs!

The reason why you wanted to become an idol?
It was the course of events. Exactly like Issei, I got scouted by that bear. Just thinking of it makes me irritated....

The music genre you listen a lot to?
Jazz and Classics. In my house you can find rare recordings impossible to find in normal shops.

The thing you're aiming the most to now?
I want to try challenging Runa to clay pigeon shooting. If I try something I become able to do it immediately.

What do you do on your days off?
I play biliard, go to the bar...And also do lots of things with Issei and Futami.

Something that recently made you happy?
When I got what I wanted in an auction. Do you want to know the price of it? That's a sum normal people can't even imagine, y'know?

A moment that you enjoyed(found funny)?
When I'm greeting my fans and interacting with them. You can't buy their feelings with money. Being cheered on by them makes me genuinely happy.

Since we're here can you tell one secret about your unit's members?
Futami's flower arrangements are quite good. Sometimes they've even been used as decorations for the hall where the Sanzenin family holds the parties!

A word that represents your team?
"Adult men"! Compared to the other teams we have a more adult-like charm, right? Well, except Futami....

Something you would say to your fans?
I won't make you regret becoming my fan. We're counting on your support for Lancelot from now on too.


  1. The first kanji for Takamichi's name means "Hawk"

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