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Are you good with mornings? Or are you bad with them? For me, I'm bad with mornings...
Seiya I'm bad with mornings. Producer, please wake me up~
Kanata I'm not good with them so I had Rabirabi wake me up!
Akira I'm not bad with them, I think, since I wake up earlier than Seiya and Kanata do.
Twinkle Bell
Satsuki I'm good with them! Since I need to wake Mutsuki up.
Mutsuki Bad. I can't wake up if Satsuki isn't around.
Noah I don't think I'm bad with them since the scenery outside feels refreshing.
Leon I can't wake up in the morning~ Lucas often gets mad at me for it.
Chaoyang It's bad once winter comes, but aside from then I can wake up early just fine.
Rabi I don't like mornings. I have low blood pressure so I always wake up in sour mood...
Lucas I'm good with it.
Torahiko I can wake up just fine in the morning.
Kyosuke I'm bad with them~
Akio I'm bad with mornings...
Shiki I think I'm bad with them~ Producer, wake me up, please~
Hikaru I'm good with mornings.
Raku I'm good with them. I try to go to bed early and rise early too.
Kokoro Bad! I don't want to get out of my bed~
Runa I'm good with mornings.
Momosuke I'm bad with mornings~ If only I could sleep forever~ Can't I?
Issei I hate mornings... I don't understand people who can wake up early!
Futami It's not like I hate mornings, it's just that I'm too lazy to get out of the bed~
Eva I'm bad with mornings...
Mio I'm good with them!
Ban I'm good with mornings!
Tenjyou Tenge
Tsubaki I'm good with mornings! They said that early bird gets the worm, and it's true, you know?
Toya I'm good with mornings. I have to water my plants, after all.
Tatsumi I'm bad with them. Whenever Aoi stays over, he'll kick me out of bed! Cruel, isn't he?
Aoi I'm good with mornings. Sometimes I would wake Tatsumi up.
Kuro I'm good with mornings. As they say, early bird gets the worm, right?
Saku I'm good but, why do I have to answer to your question?
Baber Not good with mornings....

Is there a Japanese period that you like? I like the Heian era.
Seiya Edo period! Samurai! I'd like to feel the samurai spirits!
Kanata Heian era, maybe. It might be nice to be so laid-back!
Akira I want to go to middle-age Europe.
Twinkle Bell
Satsuki Edo period, maybe? I think it'll be interesting to prank the samurais!
Mutsuki Maybe Edo period... Just having a walk around already sounds interesting.
Noah I want to go to Edo period together with the other I♥B members.
Leon Taishou, was it? I want to have a date with fashionable and beautiful big sisters!
Chaoyang I want to go to Later Han Dynasty of China and meet Zhuge Liang...
Rabi I'm interested in Japan's Sengoku era. I'd have a game with timers
Lucas I want to go to the era where Fyodor Dostoyevsky lived.
Torahiko I want to go to the time where dinosaurs still existed!
Kyosuke I want to go to Ancient Roman period. Shrines and the likes tickle my curiosity!
Akio Edo period, maybe... I want to live quietly deep in the mountains.
Shiki Right. As long as I can be with a girl, then any era is... Wait, Sanzenin-kun, you're not amazed?
Hikaru Middle-age Europe, I suppose. Don't you think I suit with the royalty?
Raku Maybe Sengoku era. I hate wars, but I'd like to meet Sen no Rikyuu.
Kokoro Middle-age Europe, maybe. I want to become a princess!
Runa It'll be Edo period. I like military commanders.
Momosuke I'll go to Jomon period and see ancient flowers!
Issei Sengoku era. You won't be put in battles if you're dilly-dallying!
Futami Prehistoric times. Let's hunt the mammoths!
Eva I heard that medieval Europe was teemed with my comrades!
Mio Medieval Europe! I wonder if witch hunts really happened~?
Ban I'm fine with anywhere as long as I'm with Master and Mio!
Tenjyou Tenge
Tsubaki Sengoku era. A battle to decide who would rule Japan, that's just like us I-Chu!
Toya Heian era. I admire their refined lifestyle.
Tatsumi It's Edo period! It's also the era where Shinsengumi existed, right?
Aoi Heian era. It's a refined era that suits my style, right?
Kuro I'm not interested in time travelling.
Saku I don't want to live in an era where Producer-chan doesn't exist though?
Baber For Baber any place is fine as long as big bro is there, you know?

One is supposed to save their favorite for the last bite, right? How about you?
Seiya I eat it first! When I do, my belly feels contented!
Kanata I think I save it for the last?
Akira I have it as the last bite.
Twinkle Bell
Satsuki I eat it first! Then I take more from Akio!
Mutsuki I think I do it randomly... There are times where I save it for the last and times where I don't.
Noah I eat nothing but delicious food so I don't really understand.
Leon I eat it first!
Chaoyang I eat it first... Because I feel full easily...
Rabi I eat without really thinking about it.
Lucas I eat well-balanced meals so I don't understand.
Torahiko I eat it first! Because we don't know what might happen!
Kyosuke Delicious food tastes even better when eaten last~
Akio I save it for the last... But Satsuki often snatches it away before I can eat it.
Shiki I eat it first.
Hikaru I don't really pay attention since I'm focused on eating beautifully.
Raku I end up eating it first.
Kokoro I eat it first!
Runa I eat it first. After all, if I left it for last, I would be too full to stomach it.
Momosuke I can't control myself, so I end up eating it first! Ehehe ♪
Issei Of course it has to be eaten first!
Futami Save it for the last!
Eva Usually I would save it for the last, but it ends up getting eaten by Ban...
Mio I munch on the delicious ones first ♪
Ban I eat it first!
Tenjyou Tenge
Tsubaki I eat it first. I can't possibly take it easy when something that I like is right before my eyes, right?
Toya I'm the type that saves it for the last.
Tatsumi Save it last. There's excitement in waiting for the last one, right?
Aoi I'm save-it-last team. I like savoring the taste in the end.
Kuro I'm the type that leaves it for the last.
Saku I eat it after eating everything around that isn't needed.
Baber If I don't eat it first Saku takes it away....

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