Tarot horoscope gacha

Event DurationEdit

Start: 03/15/16 10:00 JST
End: 04/14/16 18:00 JST
Deadline for recieving the prize: 05/15/16 23:56 JST

Event infoEdit

During the time from March 15th until April 14th you can draw 8 times a day in a gacha on and get lots of cards, from which you can choose one at the end which you will keep ingame!
You will have 4 draws each day which will replenish each day at 12pm JST and 12am JST.

How to participateEdit

How to participate
To participate in this gacha make an account here.
You can draw 8 times a day, four times in between 12pm and 12am, and another 4 times between 12am and 12pm.
Tarot Horoscope Gacha 1
To do so click on the big green button.

Tarot Horoscope Gacha 2

Then click on the button with the arrow, beneath the red button and register.

Tarot Horoscope Gacha 3

You can do so by either registering via email or by simply connecting to your facebook or twitter.
If you connect via twitter and you aren't following the official twitter it will automatically follow them for you.
Connecting via facebook/twitter is recommended since you can get an extra two draws per day when you share your results.

Tarot Horoscope Gacha 4

If you have done that it will direct you to that page, if you click anywhere there should come a popup.

Tarot Horoscope Gacha 5

Now you need to choose your OS. Just click on the little image and-

Tarot Horoscope Gacha 6

accept by clicking the pink button.

Tarot Horoscope Gacha 7

Now, that you're registered it'll draw for the first time, if not, just click on the big, red button.

Tarot Horoscope Gacha 8

If you got a card, click on the red button underneath of it to draw again, click the yellow button to see your collected cards and click the grey button with a small arrow to go back to the main page.

How to redeem the cardsEdit

How to redeem the cards
IMPORTANT: You can choose a card to redeem at any time, but you can only do so once.
After you redeemed one card you can't choose another one to redeem.

Tarot Horoscope Gacha 7

To choose a card you want to redeem click on the yellow button.

Tarot Horoscope Gacha 9

Click on the red button underneath the card you want.

Card redeem 1

Then click on the red button on the right and it will take you back to the main screen.

Card redeem 2

The selected card will be on the bottom, so scroll down.
Press the red button underneath the card and aichuu will automatically open. A window saying that the card has been recieved will appear and you will find the card in your present box.

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