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(Profile Story) Tatsumi Madarao
Tatsumi: ....You've been staring at me since earlier. Do you have any business with me?
I was looking at you so that we could talk right?
You know, it's not that I'm angry or anything. You just looked like you were having difficulties talking to me...
I often misunderstand things. I'm always alone, so it's difficult for me to call out to others.
It's not that I find it troublesome talking to people... You have some business with me right?
My producer? So you came to greet me but got nervous?
Are you... fit to be a producer if you're like that...
I'm not someone that gets angry just because you talked to me.
...on the contrary, it makes me happy, that said.... Aah geez! Why are you laughing. You were nervous just a minute ago.
I'm Tatsumi Madarao. Well, I guess you already know that. So? What's your name?
Initial R/RR Tsundere I-Chu
Second Batch R/RR A duet together?!
Initial SR/UR It's a promise!
Reading Week SR/UR Resting for a while
Second Batch SR/UR Seaside of memories
June Bride SR/UR Romantic after the rain
Taisho Roman SR/UR My own image of a soldier
Agent SR/UR A goal I want to exceed
Valentine's Day 2017 SR/UR Honmei Chocolate and confession
Doctor SR/UR Overcoming the slump
Nishiki no arare, hanagoromo SR/UR Peerless peach flower
Initial LE/GR The Moment of Dawnlight
New Year LE/GR Please take care of me, always!
Hanazakari Danshi LE/GR Boys at Full Bloom
1st Anniversary LE/GR Jealous heart and hidden embarrassment
Sports Festival LE/GR Knocking down the white team!
Halloween 2016 LE/GR Marks of a contract on your neck
Akaki Honoo no ROCK NIGHT LE/GR Rock night of crimson flames
Yaseiji LE/GR I am the leader!
Shuffle Unit Mini Album GR Yaseiji
2nd Anniversary LE/GR Tears become the wind
Vacation LE/GR This summer comes only once
X'mas 2017 LE/GR Christmas of men!
Farming LE/GR I wish you would rely on me more
Birthday LE/GR Important things right by my side
3rd Anniversary LE/GR Passionate Promise