Aliases Edit

Tatsumi Madarao's Aliases
Alias Called by
Tatsumi Seiya, Satsuki, Mutsuki, Noah, Leon, Lucas, Rabi, Torahiko, Issei, Kokoro, Ban, Mio, Tsubaki, Toya, Aoi, Mao
Tatsumi-kun Futami, Momosuke
Tatsumi-san Kanata, Chaoyang, Kyosuke, Akio, Takamichi, Runa
Madarao-kun Shiki, Saku
Madarao-san Akira
Madarao Raku
Madarao Tatsumi Hikaru
Idiot Aoi
Crimson Dragon Eva

Tarot GachaEdit

Tatsumi's Tarot Cards
Card Translation
Tatsumi R Tarot Let's finally get rid of your anxieties and fears! However, to do that, you need to change how you've been living until now! It's important to throw away your strange and bad habits, like lazyness or useless errands!
Tatsumi RR Tarot Aren't you feeling uneasy and worrying about what's waiting for you? Don't worry, for me your future is bright you know? Though, you may need to change your way of acting juuust a bit! Hey hey, if you hesitate now you'll make your long awaited chance run away!
Tatsumi SR Tarot News about what you were striving for are about to arrive! But also all the anxiety you've been having until now! But, if you give up on your dreams or lose your confidence you will make your chance run away! To be able to advance to the next step you need to change yourself and have more self-confidence!

Misc. FactsEdit

  • He is in first generation.
  • Type he likes: A girl who would come along with him.
  • Even though he's just 19, he's already an uncle, since his brother has a kid, as shown in his New Years LE/GR affection story
  • He and Leon often go shopping together, as shown in the Hanazakari Danshi Event Story and in the Main Story chapter 28
  • In said chapter we also find out that he, Chaoyang and Seiya go visit temples together too
  • He has a passion for travelling, and as we see in his initial SR/UR affection story once he has a free day he spends it travelling around.
  • He possesses a Goshuincho(a stamp book where you collect temple stamps)

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