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We all had big dreams as kids, didn't we? I wanted to be an astronaut. Play
Seiya A life guard! Since swimming is my specialty and it's kinda cool! Play
Kanata Becoming an idol, I guess? It hasn't changed. Ehehe ♪ Play
Akira No comment. It's a secret. Play
Twinkle Bell
Satsuki World domination! Nishishi! Play
Mutsuki A pâtissier, I guess. I've liked cooking since a long time ago. Play
Noah To take over my grandfather's family business, I suppose. Play
Leon A snowboarding athlete! I longed to stand on the Olympic stage~ Play
Chaoyang P-please don't laugh at it! ... I wanted to be a meat bun shop owner. Play
Rabi I think I admired to be part of a metal band... Play
Lucas I've already forgotten mine. Play
Torahiko I think it was to become the best painter in the world? Play
Kyosuke I think it was to become a voice actor~ Play
Akio To be able to live quietly. It became impossible thanks to the president though... Play
Shiki I think it was to become a potter? Play
Hikaru To join Takarazuka! Play
Raku Nothing in particular. Play
Kokoro A bride! Play
Runa It was to be a politician just like father. Play
Momosuke I wanted to be a florist, but I thought that a guy can't possible become one... Play
Issei I don't remember things like that... Play
Futami I wonder what my dream was. Play
Takamichi Before, I just thought that I wanted to become a director. Though, I wasn't sure for what kind of job. Play
Eva I do not envision any dream. Play
Mio It was to become a servant for Master, so it has been fulfilled~ Play
Ban I thought that I wanted to become a chef, but when I think about it again, I won't be able to eat food like that~ Play
Tenjyou Tenge
Tsubaki When I was little I admired jobs like carpenters. Play
Toya I longed to work as a pâtissier or a florist. Did I sound like a girl? Play
Aoi I wanted to become a police officer. Play
Kuro I wanted to become an idol. My sister was always happy when I sang...... Play
Saku Now? I've forgotten. Play
Baber I think I wanted to be together forever with my big brother. Play

What do you want when you catch a cold? Play
Seiya I want someone to pat my head~. You'll do it next time, right producer? Play
Kanata I want someone to make me applesauce. Producer-san, make it for me next time! Play
Akira Hmm... To be left alone I guess. It's bad if others catch it, right? Play
Twinkle Bell
Satsuki I guess I want Mutsuki and the producer to be by my side. Play
Mutsuki I want someone to make me hot milk. It makes it easier to fall asleep, after all. Play
Noah Let's see. I guess I want someone to stay by my side. Play
Leon I want Producer to nurse me! If possible, I want to sleep on her lap too! Play
Chaoyang I want someone to make me things like porridge... Play
Rabi I want to be left alone... When I catch a cold, I tend to speak rudely. Play
Lucas Peace and quiet. Play
Torahiko I want someone to cook me something delicious! Play
Kyosuke I want someone to buy me a power drink! Play
Akio Don't get concerned about me... Play
Shiki I want to be nursed back to health. Will you, please, Producer!? Play
Hikaru I've never caught a cold, so I don't know what to say. Play
Raku Sleep together with me. Play
Kokoro I'd like to have someone hold onto my hand~ Play
Runa Will you always stay by my side and nurse me? Please. Play
Momosuke I'll be happy if I'm treated gently... Play
Issei To be left alone. Play
Futami I want someone to make me apple rabbits~ Play
Takamichi I-it's not like I'm thinking that I want someone to stay beside me! Idiot! Play
Eva Are you saying that I look like a fragile man? ... I'd like to have apples prepared for me. Play
Mio As long as Master stays by my side... Though, it's okay to have Producer instead too. Play
Ban I want someone to make me lots of food! Play
Tenjyou Tenge
Tsubaki ... Guess I'd like to pass it to someone else? Play
Toya I'll be happy if I'm treated gently... Play
Aoi Since it's bad if others catch it, I'd hope they wouldn't get too close to me... Play
Kuro I don't want anyone to see me with that kind of weak appearance. Play
Saku I want you to pat my head. I really want you near me...... Play
Baber I want you to gently pat me. Play

Off-days? I like to have a stroll in the town... How about you? Play
Seiya Right~. I guess shopping or playing around with Noah~? Play
Kanata On off-days I take walks with Rabirabi and play with Eva-kun. Play
Akira I drink coffee and read in a park or a cafe. Play
Twinkle Bell
Satsuki On off-days I go to the game center. I played a fighting game with Seiya the other day! Play
Mutsuki I'm taken to the game center by Satsuki. Play
Noah Let's see. I go jogging and on walks. Play
Leon Usually I go flirting with girls... Wha, Producer, don't pull! Play
Chaoyang I went to visit temples. The other day, the head priest gave me snacks. Play
Rabi I either go to the gym or read books. Play
Lucas I read books or practice playing songs. Play
Torahiko Painting pictures! Play
Kyosuke I watch anime shows that I've recorded and read manga during my day-off! Play
Akio I'll lock myself in my studio... Sometimes Satsuki comes and it's turning into a disaster... Play
Shiki Making ceramics, or playing with girls. Play
Hikaru I go to a beauty salon. It's difficult to maintain this beauty! Play
Raku I write calligraphy or have a walk. Play
Kokoro Shopping! I went with Seiya some time ago. Play
Runa On my off-days, I read my favorite books and do clay pigeon shooting. Play
Momosuke I have a walk or tend to my garden, I guess~ Play
Issei Just idling about? Play
Futami Rolling around on my bed~ Play
Takamichi I either play billiard or go to bars. Play
Eva I wrap my body in a jet black veil. I can hear a baby's crying from the world of spirits. Play
Mio I do black magic research ♪ Play
Ban I'm walking around to find shops with delicious food! Play
Tenjyou Tenge
Tsubaki Together with Toya, I play with my sister and look after her... Ah, I sounded like a siscon. Play
Toya Shopping with my sister, playing with Tsubaki's sister... Fufu, it's full of activities with sisters! Play
Aoi I read fashion magazines and watch movies at home. Play
Kuro I listen to music, or try some new cuisine. Play
Saku I wonder if I should go to an idol live performance or think about Producer-chan~ Play
Baber Holidays, I'm relieved. Play

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