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Special Phone Call Questions that are unlocked only between a pair of characters. Here you will find the individual questions Tatsumi does to each character.


Seiya Aido
Tatsumi Seiya, this is a photo from the last photoshoot. You wanted a photo of Tsubaki, right? Play
Seiya WOAH! Thank you! Tsubaki-san.... He's so cool....! Play
Akira Mitsurugi
Tatsumi Yesterday Aoi was making a really strange pose. It made me laugh but then Aoi kicked me~ Play
Akira That's because yoga has some really unique poses. Do you want to try it together with us, Madarao-san? Play
Kanata Minato
Tatsumi Kanata, this is a pic I took when I was visiting a temple with Seiya. Give it to him. Play
Kanata Understood~ Wah, so nice! I want to go together with you too next time! Play

Twinkle BellEdit

Satsuki Kururugi
Tatsumi Satsuki! If you're going to prank Aoi then let me help you too! Play
Satsuki Really?! Alright! Then let's hold a strategy meeting! Play
Mutsuki Kururugi
Tatsumi Hmm you're good at cooking too. But, doesn't the seasoning in this dish feel similar to Aoi's? Play
Mutsuki That's because I used a recipe I got from Aoi. You sure recognized it well. Play


Tatsumi I heard about the Rye fields from Seiya. I want to go there too~ Play
Noah Those Rye fields are really beautiful. I love them too. Play
Tatsumi Movies about animals are so touching.... *sobs*... Play
Leon POCHIII! *sobs*.... There aren't enough tissues...! Play
Tatsumi Chaoyang, you can talk properly so I think you should go to the front more often, y'know? Play
Chaoyang It's because it's easy to talk to you.... But, I'll try... Play
Tatsumi This is so cool. Drums have a really rock feeling to them! Play
Rabi Haha. Tatsumi, your eyes are sparkling, you know? Do you want to try playing the drums? Play
Tatsumi Lucas, Leon is reflecting on it now, so how about you start talking to him again? Play
Lucas Why are you the one saying it? Tell him to come talk to me in person. Play


Torahiko Kusakabe
Tatsumi Torahiko! When you go on a trip next time bring me with you too! Play
Torahiko Sure! Then let's go as soon as we get the occasion! Play
Kyosuke Momoi
Tatsumi These are photos of temples. I tried taking a lot of photos from afar and from close-up. Play
Kyosuke Thank you very much! This will help me a lot when I'll be drawing temples in the next manuscript! Play
Akio Tobikura
Tatsumi Do you know how to make wind chimes? I wanted to try making some by myself. Play
Akio Wind chimes... I can make them, but I wonder if I can be a good teacher... Play
Shiki Amabe
Tatsumi I love these Japanese traditional crafts. They're incredible. Play
Shiki Fufu, but just looking would be too boring, right? Do you want to try doing some too? Play
Hikaru Orihara
Tatsumi I'm surprised you can be friends with that Aoi. Do you not get irritated by his words? Play
Hikaru Aoi Kakitsubata's remarks are always precise. You should know that better than anyone else, right? Play
Raku Wakaouji
Tatsumi When I'm talking to you I feel like I'm talking to a grandfather. Play
Raku I too, feel like I got a grandson when talking to you. Play


Kokoro Hanabusa
Tatsumi Hey are you ok?! Oh, it's just Kokoro... Play
Kokoro Will you please not be so disappointed?! But thank you for saving me from those guys hitting on me ♪ Play
Runa Kagurazaka
Tatsumi Is your house a splendid western style house like Takamichi's? Play
Runa No, Takamichi-san's house is too extravagant. Mine is a bit more calm. Play
Momosuke Oikawa
Tatsumi You sure eat a lot.... How much have you eaten now? Play
Momosuke If it's gyudon then I can eat without restriction! Tatsumi-san, are you ok without second servings? Play


Issei Todoroki
Tatsumi Travelling by train is nice, but I might get used to travelling alone with a motorcycle too. Play
Issei It's convenient since you just use your feet. You should try taking a license. Play
Futami Akabane
Tatsumi Say, Futami, was this the right Nama-chan? Are you happy with this? Play
Futami Ah! Yes! That's the one~! Thank you Tatsumi-kun~ Play
Takamichi Sanzenin
Tatsumi I want to see the records collection in your house too! Play
Takamichi Ah, no problem. If you're free next time then come to visit. Play


Eva Armstrong
Tatsumi I want to become an adult soon. That way I can go to drink with Tsubaki and the rest. Play
Eva Is there any meaning to you telling me this, Crimson Dragon....? Play
Mio Yamanobe
Tatsumi RE:BERSERK is like a family and it's really heart-warming. Play
Mio That's because me and Eva-sama are family after all ♪ Eh, was Ban included too? Play
Ban Jumonji
Tatsumi Hey, do you have any top quality chikuwa? Play
Ban I wonder? I'm gonna ask the chef at home! Play

Tenjyou TengeEdit

Tsubaki Rindo
Tatsumi 3 more cm... My growing period hasn't ended yet so don't get bigger! Play
Tsubaki It still hasn't ended? But don't worry. You won't surpass me that easily Play
Toya Honoki
Tatsumi Toya, is this seasoning ok for the miso soup? Play
Toya Yes. The flavor of the miso is superb and delicious. I'm about to finish mine too. Play
Aoi Kakitsubata
Tatsumi Hey, why are you leaving your beauty products and humidifiers in my room as it pleases you! Play
Aoi Because bringing them every time I stay over would be too troublesome. Don't move them away as it pleases you, ok? Play


Kuro Yakaku
Tatsumi Do you hate the producer that much? Play
Kuro Of course I do. I hate her a lot! Play
Saku Uruha
Tatsumi I-I can't. I really can't stand guys like you... Play
Saku Being hated by a small fry like you is nothing to me, you know? Play
Tatsumi You're the only soothing one in Alchemist. Play
Baber Did Baber get praised? Tatsumi-kun is a good person.... I like you... Play

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