Tatsuomi Ryugu
竜宮龍臣, Ryuuguu Tatsuomi
Tatsuomi Ryugu
The strong-willed iKids!
"I'm Ryugu Tatsuomi. The eldest of the triplets. Meeting Hikaru who is far more stupid than my stupid brothers made me realize that the world is vast."
Age 13
Birthday November 1st
Blood Type O
Height 159 cm
Weight 42 kg
Additional Information
Special Skill Magic tricks
Fave Food Steak
LeastFave Food Radish sprouts
Looks up to Hikaru Orihara
Group bitter jump


The eldest son of the triplets. Very bright for his age. Even though he is the eldest, he worries about being the shortest.


Tatsuomi Ryugu N (Junshinmuku na Aqua Muse) Tatsuomi Ryugu N (Chijou no Rakuen) Tatsuomi Ryugu N

Character LinesEdit

Tatsuomi Ryugu. I won't forgive you if you say something about my height!
You'd like to hear me singing? I'm the best among us triplets, so that's a matter of course!
I'm triplets with a stupid younger brother and a motherly younger brother.
That Hikaru... he's noisily repeating beautiful this and beautiful that.
Ren doesn't look like a grade schooler at all. He should smile more...
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Affection StoryEdit

Eldest son of the triplets

Tatsuomi Ryugu - Eldest son of the triplets (1)
Tatsuomi: How strange~ I thought it certainly rolled this way but...
Tatsuomi: Ah, hey you! Have you seen any foreign coins around this area? Such as... one with an owl engraved on it.
Tatsuomi: No, its value is only about 30 Yen. Nothing to make such a fuss about.
Tatsuomi: ... I dropped it accidentally while practising magic tricks. I was practising in secret to surprise Orihiro and Toshiyuki.
Tatsuomi: My friends? No, they're my brothers. We are triplets. I'm Tatsuomi. I may not look like it, but I'm the oldest brother.
Tatsuomi: Ah! Over there! It just flashed up. The owl engraved in this coin has a glass eye.
Tatsuomi: Now that I found it, I can show it to you too. My amazing magic trick.
Tatsuomi: Huh? You're worried about the magic trick coin?
Tatsuomi: You... There is no need to be. Geez, you're a strange person.
Tatsuomi: And you of all people, don't say the same things my mother would say.

Onii-sama's gallant figure

Tatsuomi Ryugu - Onii-sama's gallant figure (1)
Tatsuomi: Amazing! Did Hikaru make that ice sculpture? Ooh... The details... I couldn't do something like this.
Tatsuomi: How should I say it, why is it a dolphin and a mermaid? If I'm thinking of an ice sculpture, I'm thinking of a traditional dragon, a dragon!
Tatsuomi: Since if something like that would be made for me, I'd be in a really good mood...
Tatsuomi: I wish Hikaru would do something like this for me too... Just kidding.
Tatsuomi: Don't tell Hikaru that I said such a thing, okay? Because he'll get annoying later.
Tatsuomi: ... Well then, I'm going to change my clothes. You'll wait here.
Tatsuomi Ryugu - Onii-sama's gallant figure (2)
Tatsuomi: It's finally my turn... Alright, I'll go on a rampage!
Tatsuomi: After many years of being an iKids I've come a long way. I'll show you a performance filled with flowers.
Tatsuomi: My little brothers are coming to watch today too. Today is the day that I'll show them how amazing their Onii-sama is.
Tatsuomi: Well, I'm off! Burn the image of my gallant figure firmly into your memory!

God level me?

Tatsuomi Ryugu - God level me (1)
Tatsuomi: Producer. Hasn't Hikaru's stupidness increased recently?
Tatsuomi: Because yesterday he told me that his beauty reached the level of a god.
Tatsuomi: I'll be a lot cooler when I grow up.
Tatsuomi: Both my singing voice and my height, I'm planning to become beyond compare to my little brothers.
Tatsuomi: What? You ask what level I'm going to become then?
Tatsuomi Ryugu - God level me (2)
Tatsuomi: How is the costume I'm wearing? You can hardly recognize me, right?
Tatsuomi: Say, say, what level am I right now?
Tatsuomi: ... Ooh, dragon level, huh! Nice, doesn't that sound cool! It seems to sound really strong.
Tatsuomi: Because I didn't want to soil this costume, I even passed on fighting with my little brother today! That's professionalism, you know?
Tatsumi: Because I'll make you think I'm better than stupid Hikaru, just you wait!

Birthday QuotesEdit

Own It’s my birthday. Of course you remembered it, right?
Ren It’s Ren’s birthday. He seems older, although he doesn’t show it.
Hikaru It seems today is Hikaru's birthday. He was making a ruckus about it earlier.
Producer Heh. It’s your birthday? Do you have something you want? I’ll buy it.


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