Producer: And that said!
Seiya: It's been decided to an idol-like recording!
Tenka wakeme no Tristar 3 (1)
Issei: Why did you choose it by yourself!!
Producer: Well...Because it would be troublesome for the company if news of violence spread out...
Issei: That said, why are you in such high spirits....
Producer: I may be against violence, but I'm geniunely interested in a match between you three
Issei: ....You ought to think of your age too. You're not in the age to get that excited anymore
Producer: How mean! You're the same age as me! And people need to honestly enjoy what they like. Look, you should learn from Seiya-kun!
Tenka wakeme no Tristar 3 (2)
Seiya: I'm super looking forward to it!!
Issei: Annoying....
Tenka wakeme no Tristar 3 (3)
Tsubaki: Come on Issei, don't make such a long face
Rabi: I don't think this idea is bad. Doing a recording sounds reasonable
Tsubaki: It's exactly as Rabi said! You're not going to create excuses and run away, right Issei?
Issei: You can't breathe without pissing people off every time can you?!
Tsubaki: Haha! You may be right there!
Issei: should deny that
Producer: Anyways, it seems no one has problems with the recording!
Tsubaki: Yes. I have no problems!
Rabi: Neither do I
Issei: Fine then...let's finish this quickly
Producer: Okay! Then I'll have you all sing a song that you know.
Producer: Seiya-kun, is there any song you want to listen to?
Seiya: I want to listen to a love song!
Tenka wakeme no Tristar 3 (4)
Issei: Huh?
Producer: Love song...Then we'll use ArS' "Very Very Itoshii Hito". The CD was for sure--
Issei: Wait a moment! Why a love song?!
Seiya: Because I want to hear it!
Seiya: Don't tell me...Issei, do you perhaps not know about "Very Very Itoshii Hito"?
Issei: I know but, such a straightforward love song doesn't fit not only me, but also Rabi and Tsubaki!
Seiya: That's not true! I'm sure if you three sang this song your fans would be moved to tears!
Issei: How can you be that sure of it?
Tenka wakeme no Tristar 3 (5)
Seiya: Eh? Well, I go a lot to your, Tsubaki-san's and Rabi's lives so I understand very well how the fans feel!
Issei: Aren't you like us?! What are you gonna do by understanding the fans' feelings instead of ours!
Seiya: Eh. Is that bad?
Tenka wakeme no Tristar 3 (6)
Tsubaki: I don't have any problem with it, y'know? I usually only sing traditional japanese songs so a chance like this once in a while isn't bad
Rabi: I rarely get to sing ballads too. So I don't have any problem with "Very Very Itoshii Hito"
Tsubaki: "Very Very Itoshii Hito" huh....
Issei: Stop it...Hearing you two say that title makes me feel somewhat uneasy...
Producer: Here's the CD! Who will sing first?
Tsubaki: Alright. I'll sing first!
Tenka wakeme no Tristar 3 (7)
Seiya: As expected of Tsubaki-san! I'm really looking forward to your love song!
Issei: (Tsk...why did it turn out like this?!)
Tenka wakeme no Tristar 3 (8)
Tsubaki: ~♪
Tsubaki: How was it? Did you get all embarrassed?
Producer: ....Yes. It was kind of incredible...
Tenka wakeme no Tristar 3 (9)
Seiya: So cool!! Somehow, it had so much power in it that my heart went ba-dump!
Tsubaki: Well....Leaving the producer aside, having you going ba-dump feels somehow....
Tenka wakeme no Tristar 3 (10)
Rabi: But you were really good Tsubaki. Next turn is mine so I feel a bit nervous
Producer: Just sing like you always do, Rabi-kun
Seiya: This is the first time I will hear Rabi's solo so I'm really excited!
Rabi: Ahaha....that's quite the pressure
Tenka wakeme no Tristar 3 (11)
Rabi: ~♪
Rabi: ....How was it?
Producer: Your singing voice was overflowing with acceptance
Tenka wakeme no Tristar 3 (12)
Seiya: Right right! It felt like I was being hugged gently by a big hand! A really warm feeling!
Rabi: Leaving Producer to the side...being told that by you Seiya feels really strange...
Tsubaki: I felt the exact same thing as you Rabi....
Tenka wakeme no Tristar 3 (13)
Issei: ...............
Producer: Your turn is next. Are you ok? Nervous perhaps?
Issei: There's no way I would be nervous
Producer: I see. You're right, that's how you are after all
Producer: I don't have many chances to listen to your solo so I'm really looking forward to this
Issei: Nothing special....I'm not singing for you so there's no need to be so excited
Producer: As your Producer, it always makes me happy to hear your singing
Issei: So it's like that?
Producer: Yes, it's like that
Tenka wakeme no Tristar 3 (14)
Seiya: Yes, it's like that!
Issei: .............
Seiya: OUCH!! It hurts Issei! Why did you kick me~
Issei: Shut up! Stay quiet and listen!
Tenka wakeme no Tristar 3 (15)
Issei: God...They're making me go mad....
Issei: (But, [name]...did she want to hear my song so bad?)
Tenka wakeme no Tristar 3 (16)
*sneaks a glance*
Issei: (....She looks so relaxed....)
Tenka wakeme no Tristar 3 (17)
Issei: ....Fuh
Issei: (?! Tsk! She managed to relax me too...)
Issei: (Can't be helped. Guess I'll sing for her today....)
Issei: A finished story with a twist, inside a prayer I want to send

A miracle that can’t be said in words~

Tenka wakeme no Tristar 3 (18)
Tsubaki: Heeeh. I saw something unusual
Rabi: Yes. So Issei can make such a gentle expression too
Seiya: Issei's song is really good~♪
Producer: .............

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