Tenka wakeme no Tristar 4 (1)
Issei: I tried to look for pretentious words like in the movie,

but it didn’t go well

Issei: I love you, I love you

The one and only you in this world

Issei: You are my so very very, very very beloved person
Issei: ...........
Issei: (...Fuh. Did it end...)
Tenka wakeme no Tristar 4 (2)
*opens door*
Seiya: Issei!! That was so great!
Issei: WHAT?! Don't try to hug me out of nowhere like that!
Seiya: I got avoided again....But you were really great!
Tenka wakeme no Tristar 4 (3)
Rabi: Yes! You were really great Issei. I got a bit touched by it too
Tsubaki: Right. I think you did great. But...It felt as if you were singing it for a certain someone?
Issei: Wha-?!
Tsubaki: Kukuku....
Issei: son of a...!
Producer: Issei-kun!
Tenka wakeme no Tristar 4 (4)
Issei: W-what!
Producer: It was really incredible! It was as if the woman you fell in love was in front of you...
Producer: The song was overflowing with such emotions. You're quite the romantic type aren't you!
Producer: I didn't think you would be so good with such strong love songs! Let's make the next song be like this and--
Issei: Let's keep it like it was!
Producer: Eh?! Why!
Issei: Who cares!
Tenka wakeme no Tristar 4 (5)
Tsubaki: Haha! You two are really amusing! So, what are the match's results?
Seiya: H~~~m....It's a tie!
Tsubaki&Rabi&Issei: WHAT?!
Seiya: But all three of you were incredible! I can't choose only one!
Producer: With that said, it's a draw
Tsubaki: There's no way that's acceptable! The only way to solve this is with fists after all....
Producer: Wawah! T-that's not okay!
???: Violence is not allowed!
Tenka wakeme no Tristar 4 (6)
Rabi: President?!
Kumakocho: Geez, you're making such an interesting conversation~ Let me join too~
Tenka wakeme no Tristar 4 (7)
Issei: Tsk. The troublesome crowd only keeps growing...
Kumakocho: Fufufu. I heard everything~
Kumakocho: And when I heard your unusual love song. Issei-kun, my heart skipped a beat too~
Issei: Shut yer trap
Kumakocho: *sobbing*....You're so harsh Issei-kun~
Kumakocho: But, Mr.Bear won't get discouraged! I shall take care of the match between you three!
Kumakocho: I will prepare the best stage for you three~!
Tsubaki&Rabi&Issei: The best stage?
Seiya: Woah! This became so interesting!
Tenka wakeme no Tristar 4 (8)
Next day
Tenka wakeme no Tristar 4 (9)
Kumakocho: This is so nice~ Everyone is riled up~
Issei: You've got to be kidding me...Why are there so many fans gathered?
Kumakocho: Well. Maybe they gathered because I said "Who will get the title of the strongest I-Chu?!"♪
Issei: It's not just a simple gathering! You made it into such a big thing...
Kumakocho: It's fine as long as you enjoy it~ Also, it seems this time the gathered fans are different from usual
Tsubaki's Male Fan: Rindo-saaaan! You're the strongest!
Rabi's Male Fan: Big brother Rabi is the strongest and the number one!!
Issei's Male Fan: Todorokyun....
Tenka wakeme no Tristar 4 (10)
Tsubaki&Rabi&Issei: ................................
Tsubaki: Well, I can't really use "My women" here.....It surprised me how there would come male fans too
Rabi: Y-you're right. It makes me happy that they became our fans even though they're guys
Issei: To be frank, this is complicated....
Producer: President. How are they going to hold a match in this stage?
Tenka wakeme no Tristar 4 (11)
Kumakocho: The match will consist on who manages to rile up the most people here
Tsubaki: Interesting! So a performance match!
Rabi: Can't be helped. If I have to do it I'll go with all I've got!
Kumakocho: Good good. You're getting in high spirits~ How about you, Issei-kun?
Tenka wakeme no Tristar 4 (12)
Issei: I honestly couldn't care less about the title of the strongest. But--
Issei: I'm not the type to do half-assed things! If I gotta do it I'm gonna give it my all!

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