Tenka wakeme no Tristar 5 (1)
Issei: Come on! What happened! Raise your voices more!
Issei's Female Fan: Issei!! Stir us up more!
Issei's Male Fan: Todorokyun! Talk...Talk more!!
Seiya: Issei! Give it your best!
Issei: Good grief...You're all so helpless when gathered together
Tenka wakeme no Tristar 5 (2)
Issei: You must be weird. Being a fan of a boring man like me....
Issei: But, thanks to you being my fans I got the chance to stand on this stage today
Tenka wakeme no Tristar 5 (3)
Issei: I'm grateful for that. Also, I got really surprised that I had male fans too
Issei: Ehm, so...this is an honest question. What's good about me?
Issei's Male Fan: Your gaze full of power!
Issei's Male Fan: How it's so difficult to approach you!!
Seiya: The fact that you're actually really kind!
Issei: One, of the answers, was strange....
Issei: I'm often told that I'm difficult to approach....If so, then today I'll be the one to match with you guys
Issei: That's why! You gotta make me win!
Tenka wakeme no Tristar 5 (4)
Issei's Female Fan: Of course! We will definitely make you win!
Issei's Male Fan: Alriiiiight!!! For Todorokyun's victory!!
Issei: Next is a cover song I did in the last recording. "Very Very Itoshii Hito". Please listen to it
Issei: ~♪
Tenka wakeme no Tristar 5 (5)
Kumakocho: Everyone did a great job today~
Kumakocho: And today on the venue 10% of the fans were male. We never got so much before~ Tres Bie~n!
Kumakocho: To reward you for making it such a success I prepared a special thing so get even more excited~ Then---
Kumakocho: Cheers!
Everyone: Cheers!
Issei: Fuuu....
Tenka wakeme no Tristar 5 (6)
Futami: Issei, great job today~
Takamichi: That was actually really interesting
Issei: So you two came to visit too? You sure have free time...
Futami: It's obvious we would come if we heard that our great leader would perform on stage~
Takamichi: Coming to your teammate's stage is a rare experience after all
Issei: ....You two are having your fun with this aren't you?
Futami: Kind of~ But, Keji-kun was looking at you with a really serious expression
Tenka wakeme no Tristar 5 (7)
Keji: Ichi-nii. You were really cool
Keji: I want to stand on a stage with you again...!
Tenka wakeme no Tristar 5 (8)
Issei: Fuh....
Futami: Oh my god. Geez Todoroki-kun you're popular not only with boys but also with kids~
Takamichi: I'll never fall prey of that!
Futami: Geez Sanzenin-kun, you're such a boring man~ That's why men and kids don't love you~
Tenka wakeme no Tristar 5 (9)
Takamichi: It's too troublesome! And stop it with that tone!
Issei: Good grief...You two are really helpless
Tenka wakeme no Tristar 5 (10)
Tsubaki: Yo! Issei
Rabi: Great job today
Isse: ....You too
Tsubaki: Today's stage was really funny! You never get to perform with members from a different group after all!
Rabi: We went quite overboard there...
Issei: You're right. It surprised me when you suddenly started playing metal songs
Rabi: Ahaha....I unconsciously started having fun and....
Tsubaki: Well, because of us going so overboard all the venue got riled up to the max. At the end we couldn't come up with the winner at all
Rabi: I forgot about the match midway though
Tenka wakeme no Tristar 5 (11)
Issei: Well, it wasn't that bad....
Tsubaki: Oh! Then let's do it again! Us three together! Shall we create a new unit?
Issei: I would rather die than make a unit with you two! One time is more than enough
Producer: Really? Even though I started thinking of preparing the plans for a new "First Class Fighting" unit~...
Issei: Listen....Stop it right there, ok?
Producer: Fufu. It's a joke! But I had a lot of fun when watching
Producer: And I managed to see a side of Issei-kun without the usual side you have with Lancelot
Tenka wakeme no Tristar 5 (12)
Issei: Without the usual side?
Producer: Yes. When you're with Lancelot you act like a leader, and hold them together, but....
Producer: But today you weren't tied up by that, you lived to your fullest, and also...your slightly embarrassed face was adorable too!
Issei: ............
Tenka wakeme no Tristar 5 (13)
Producer: I-Isshey! Cheeksh-!
Issei: Hmph
Producer: Geez! My cheeks will hurt now...
Tenka wakeme no Tristar 5 (14)
Issei: That's for saying all those dull things!
Producer: Yeah yeah....But, I want to see another live where you have fun like that
Issei: You'll keep looking at me from now on too after all. I'll always get fired up with my everything
Producer: Yes, I'm looking forward to it
Tenka wakeme no Tristar 5 (15)
Tsubaki: ...We didn't decide who won but, what's with this sense of defeat?
Rabi: It kind of feels like Issei is the one that won
Tsubaki: I'll accept defeat for today...But next time I won't
Rabi: I won't give up either, you know?
Issei: (I can hear everything...Next time we will settle this once and for all. I'll definitely win so be prepared!)

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