Thanks to the teacher 1 (1)
Kanata: Sigh–… This role is hard, isn’t it, RabiRabi…
Kanata: Sensei told us that everyone gets parts they don’t like sometimes, but… Ugh…
Kanata: I don’t feel like I’m gonna be able to get along with this boy…
Producer: I thought I heard someone in here. So it was Kanata-kun, eh?
Kanata: Sensei-san. What’s wrong? Do you need something from me?
Producer: No, that’s not it. I just wondered what you were doing, so I peeked in.
Producer: Ah, what’s this? The script that was handed out during acting class?
Thanks to the teacher 1 (2)
Kanata: Yeah. The teacher in charge wrote it especially for us, but… I’m finding it pretty difficult.
Producer: (To think that Kanata-kun would say something like that after all of the parts he’s already played…)
Producer: What kind of role do you have, exactly?
Kanata: …A really mean kid.
Producer: Mean?
Thanks to the teacher 1 (3)
Kanata: He’s a character that does things like saying something nasty to the girl he likes on purpose and making her cry. …I don’t get that at all.
Kanata: I mean, I wouldn’t want the girl I like to feel sad at all. I can’t understand this character’s thought process.
Producer: (He’s really worried about this…. But at a time like this…)
Producer: Hey, Kanata-kun. Do you have any spare time later?
Kanata: Eh?
Producer: I’ve just thought of an errand I have to take care of. I thought that you could come along, if you’d like.
Kanata: But… I really have to work on this assignment.
Producer: But you won’t stumble upon the solution to the assignment just by stewing over it, don’t you think?
Producer: In times like this, I think that getting a change of pace is good way to look for important answers.
Thanks to the teacher 1 (4)
Kanata: …Sensei-san, you’re a lot pushier than you look.
Producer: Really? I thought that I’d covered up that aspect of myself quite well, though.
Kanata: Ehehe, but I think I might be glad that you are.
Producer: Well, I’m happy you’d say so. Come on, let’s go.
Kanata: Yeah!


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