Kanata: Ah! Sensei-san, look, look! Over there!
Producer: Hold on, Kanata-kun!
Producer: (…I wonder what made him run off like that all of a sudden. Did he spot something, maybe…?)
Thanks to the teacher 2 (1)
Kanata: Look, this is it!
Kanata: There’s a plushie that looks like RabiRabi! Isn’t she cute?
Producer: So this is what made you rush off?
Thanks to the teacher 2 (2)
Kanata: Yeah, because when I saw her, Rabi-Rabi seemed like he was really happy.
Kanata: “So this is where you where. I’ve been looking for you forever.”
Kanata: “I’ve been looking for you for a long time, too. I’m so happy that you found me and came to see me.”
Producer: (Is he acting out a scene all by himself…? He’s even changing his voice… Although it doesn’t seem like he’s very aware of what he’s doing…
Producer: I suppose you’d expect him to be able to do those things, since he’s been in the entertainment industry since he was a kid.
Producer: This boy really is a born actor…)
Thanks to the teacher 2 (3)
Kanata: Just kidding. But, but, it’s almost like you can hear her saying that, right?
Producer: (He was staying in character until just now, even with his facial expressions… But now he’s back to being your typical Kanata-kun.)
Producer: You’re right. I’m a bit jealous of Rabi-Rabi to be able to happen across someone who thinks just like him.
Thanks to the teacher 2 (4)
Kanata: Jealous?
Producer: The scene you made up had him endlessly looking for her after they were separated, right?
Producer: Any girl would feel that way about someone trying as hard as they can to be with the person you love.
Kanata: Any girl would feel the same… Trying as hard as you can to be with the girl you love…
Thanks to the teacher 2 (5)
Kanata: Sensei-san, let’s hurry and go back to school. I want you to look at that play from before one more time!
Producer: Did you find something that would help with that?
Kanata: Yeah. I understood something after hearing what you just said. That girl felt like this, too.
Thanks to the teacher 2 (6)
Kanata: This is allll thanks to you, Sensei-san!
Thanks to the teacher 2 (7)
Kanata: Thank you so much for today! Sensei-san!
Producer: I haven’t done anything at all. I just brought you with me into town.
Kanata: That’s not true. I discovered a lot of things thanks to you, and I could start to like that character!
Kanata: Now I’m really looking forward to our next acting class.
Producer: That’s a great smile. But of course yours would have to be. Here, I’ve got a present for you, looking like that.
Thanks to the teacher 2 (8)
Kanata: Eh!? This is the plushie from before… Did you buy this for me, maybe? Thank you!
Producer: (Well, isn’t it obvious that there’s no way I couldn’t buy it after seeing that little lovey-dovey scene?)


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