Thanks to the teacher 3 (1)
Kanata: Producer-san!
Producer: Kanata-kun! Where did you go? I was worried since you weren’t in the waiting room, you know?
Kanata: Umm, you know, I just went to peek at the audience from the side of the stage!
Producer: And what did you think of the venue when you saw it?
Thanks to the teacher 3 (2)
Kanata: It’s amazing, amazing!! They really came to see us, even though we’re still Aichuu!
Kanata: I’m way too excited; I just can’t stop myself from smiling.
Kanata: It’s all thanks to you that we were able to reach the point of a day like this, Producer-san.
Producer: What’s with the formalities all of a sudden?
Kanata: Ehehe, I just wanted to see what you’d look like when I thanked you.
Kanata: Thank you so much for bringing us to such a huge place.
Producer: It’s still too early to be thanking me. That’s after we make this show a success. And besides…
Producer: This is only your starting point. The very first location. The difficult piece will be from here on out.
Kanata: That just means that I’ll be able to see lots and lots of more smiles from now on, right? I’ll do my very best!
Thanks to the teacher 3 (3)
Kanata: Because first I’ll show you that we can make this show a huge success!
Producer: That’s the spirit, Kanata-kun. Oh, speaking of which, about the acting class earlier…
Producer: It seems like that’s all anyone can talk about in the teachers’ room.
Producer: They’re saying that your understanding of the material is really amazing, out of everyone in your year.
Kanata: That’s all thanks to you, too. I definitely wouldn’t have been able to like that character by myself.
Kanata: But you know, I finally understood. That kid was just doing his best around with the girl he liked.
Kanata: Even though she was always looking back at him, he was a nervous wreck. So I went line-by-line in the script, and tried to think of how I’d say them.
Thanks to the teacher 3 (4)
Kanata: But after all that, I still wouldn’t want to be so nasty to the girl I liked. I’d want to be a lot, lot nicer.
Producer: …So there’s a girl that you’d like to be looking back at you, too?
Thanks to the teacher 3 (5)
Kanata: Ehehe ♪ That’s a secret!
Kanata: Ah, it’s almost that time. I’ve gotta get going.
Producer: That’s true. I’d better start moving, too–
Kanata: Hey, Producer-san. When the show’s over, I have something I want to tell you.
Producer: …I see. Then I’ll be looking forward to whatever it is.
Thanks to the teacher 3 (6)
Kanata: Okay, then I’m gonna go sing for you, Producer-san! So wait right here for me, okay?


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