The Autograph and Mini Live notice 2
Event Character: POP'N STAR's Kokoro Hanabusa
Event Type: Log-in event
Event Reward: (The Autograph and Mini Live) Kokoro Hanabusa LE
Event Period: August 20th, 2015, 16:00 JST - August 27th, 2015, 13:00 JST

Keep in mind that this event is a lot different than the others.


This event will be split up in two parts.
First part will be running from 8/07 at 16:00 JST - 8/14 at 13:00 JST. Second part will be running from 8/20 16:00 JST - 8/27 13:00 JST.
The data doesn't carry over between the two rounds.

You'll need to move Kuma forwards four times a day. By logging in four times a day during the specified time slots, you move Kuma foward on a track and get Kuma cards and other rewards along on the way. Kokoro is at the end of the track and you'll get him by getting Kuma all the way there. If you don't move Kuma forward for 24h, he'll go back to the beginning of the route.

The timesEdit

You'll need to login four times a day between those times:

1: 5:00~11:59
2: 12:00~17:59
3: 18:00~21:59
4: 22:00~4:59

To make it easier:

1: 5 am~11:59 am
2: 12:00 pm~5:59 pm
3: 6 pm~9:59 pm
4: 10 pm~4:59 am

How to playEdit

You only have to log in four times a day between specific times. That's it.

Bear claw kokoro

  • Click on the bear claw to see your results at the moment.

Kokoro event page

  • Here are your results. As you can see, you have 20 chances to get the Kokoro LE.
    • Blue Button: Go back to the main screen
    • Green Button: Event notice
    • Red Button: Click on here to get Kuma forwards. The numbers on there are the amount of time you have left for the next "run".

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