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Producer: He has quite the showy manner... Even though he's wearing plain clothes he's too unique. I wonder who he is...
Producer: (The thing on top of his clothes is a kimono, right? ...Ah, maybe he's the rumored first generation's...)
The Conqueror I-Chu (1)
Tsubaki: ...Hey you. You've been staring at my face since earlier. What do you want?
Producer: You're Tenjyou Tenge's Tsubaki Rindo-kun, right?
Tsubaki: And what if I was?
Producer: You have an incredible aura so I felt overwhelmed, and wasn't able to talk to you.
Producer: I'm [name], this school's producer and teacher.
Producer: From now on I'll also be Tenjyou Tenge's producer too, so I hope we get along well.
The Conqueror I-Chu (2)
Tsubaki: Right. So you were the producer that the president talked to me about?
Tsubaki: Heh, you finally came to greet me. But, no matter what you say, you were a bit too late, weren't you?
The Conqueror I-Chu (3)
Tsubaki: It's common sense to go greet us first of all, since Tenjyou Tenge is a first generation, right?
Producer: (He's a really frank person... I have to explain the reason properly or else..)
Producer: I'm really sorry.... First of all, I thought about making the third generation a priority, since they can't distinguish left from right.
Producer: I apologize for not greeting you earlier.
The Conqueror I-Chu (4)
Tsubaki: That's admirable of you. But you can't survive in this world with just words.
Producer: I wish you would understand my working bit by bit.
Tsubaki: Bit by bit? Then it would be too late.
Producer: Eh?
The Conqueror I-Chu (5)
Tsubaki: You're that type of person that makes one think you lack spirit by just one glance.
Tsubaki: I don't feel like trusting my future to someone like that!
Producer: What do you mean...?
Tsubaki: That you're not necessary to us.
Producer: But, we don't know anything about each other yet, so you can't think only that?
Producer: I want you to judge me from my work. I will strive so that you'll think you'll need me!
Tsubaki: Then I'll listen, but you have to explain to me why we would need you right here and right now.
Producer: Explain...?
Tsubaki: [Play] Won't you teach me the knowledge of a producer too?
Producer: (Such thing, even if you suddenly ask me...)
Producer: (You can't put such thing as "knowledge" into words that quickly....)
Producer: ........
The Conqueror I-Chu (6)
Tsubaki: Hah! You're really helpless if you can't answer such a simple question after talking big like that!
Tsubaki: I was interested in what kind of person would be the "excellent producer" that the President said but--
Tsubaki: I got really disappointed.

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