Producer: Wait a moment! I can't let you talk to me like that without knowing anything about me!
The Conqueror I-Chu (7)
Tsubaki: Why do I need to pity someone that I don't need at all?
Tsubaki: I don't have any business with a producer that can't answer immediately to me.
Producer: !?
Tsubaki: Or should I teach it to you?
Producer: ...What do you mean by teaching me?
Tsubaki: I'm talking about the knowledge of a producer. We have arrived until here without relying on anyone.
Tsubaki: Meaning that no one can be a better producer for Tenjyou Tenge than me.
Tsubaki: If you're going to question everything I say then I can't make use of you as a producer.
The Conqueror I-Chu (8)
Tsubaki: Well, other than a producer, I can use you for other jobs.
Producer: (As expected... He's looking down on me, isn't he... I understand that I can't get him to believe in me... But--)
Producer: I'll do what I'm supposed to do.
The Conqueror I-Chu (9)
Tsubaki: Heh? For example?
Producer: While you're doing idol activities I think there will be parts that you can't see. I will be there to cover them.
Tsubaki: What if there weren't?
Producer: No, such thing can't happen. I don't think humans can have such an objective point of view by themselves...
Producer: That's why I'll make my presence necessary to you!
The Conqueror I-Chu (10)
Tsubaki: Kuku, haha! Making your presence necessary to me, huh? You said some pretty big words.
Tsubaki: But we will advance towards our objective with our own feet.
Producer: As I said, I can help--
The Conqueror I-Chu (11)
Tsubaki: It's useless. Shut that annoying mouth of yours up now.
Producer: !
Tsubaki: [Play] You should stay silent and follow after me. I'll bring you to the best stage.
Producer: (That's a line full of confidence. It makes you think that if it's him then he may really do it...)
Tsubaki: Fu.... Bye then.
The Conqueror I-Chu (12)
Tsubaki: Now... Let's see what you've got.

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