The Conqueror I-Chu (13)
Tsubaki: Hm? Wrong... Maybe like this?
Producer: (He's doing lessons this late... I didn't know it...)
Producer: (Somehow he's able to inspect the lesson and learn from it... There's no place for me to interfere after all...)
Tsubaki: Haa... This costume really swings around. Moreover, it's a bit heavy...
Tsubaki: Toya is light, so swinging it around is a bit difficult for him. He has to train his lower half more...
Tsubaki: And then there are Tatsumi and Aoi. They both focus too much on the dancing and neglect the singing. Next time I'll ask Toya to gently point that out to them.
Producer: (...At any rate, Rindo-kun is amazing. He really does everything alone. It seems he backs up Honoki-kun a lot too.)
Producer: (If it's like this it can't be helped that he thinks he doesn't need a producer... But..)
Producer: (It's a waste...)
Tsubaki: Was there another part I was worried about? I'll try once more from the head to the hook part to see--
Producer: Yes.
Tsubaki: ...What do you want?
Producer Is it okay if I point out a part I'm worried about?
The Conqueror I-Chu (14)
Tsubaki: Hee? Well, if it's only listening then I'll do it.
Producer: It's about the posture from before. I think it's better to make the arrangement before the hook part a bit more simple.
Producer: That way, the dance on the hook part will look prettier and your walking will be less unsteady.
Producer: I believe that it would look cooler if everyone stands still instead of doing complex movements.
Producer: Also, this is about the singing from before. I think you don't get to breathe enough so you should--
The Conqueror I-Chu (15)
Tsubaki: That's enough.
Producer: Ah...
Producer: (I was too impatient... No matter how much I wanted to get acknowledged by him, I still suddenly interfered. Of course Rindo-kun would get angry--)
The Conqueror I-Chu (16)
Tsubaki: Kuku...
Producer: Rindo-kun....? Why are you smiling---
The Conqueror I-Chu (17)
Tsubaki: [Play] Ha, hahaha! Interesting. I like you, Producer!
Producer: You just called me producer...
The Conqueror I-Chu (18)
Tsubaki: You weren't timid, and what's more, you're the first person that interferes accurately like that.
Tsubaki: I don't hate people that clearly state their opinions. It seems like I misjudged you.
Tsubaki: I welcome you, Producer.
Producer: Rindo-kun...!
Tsubaki: Let me listen to the rest. I'll see it through and adjust it!
Producer Yes!

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