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The Rhapsody for the Emperor 2 (1)
Mio: Ahhh, man, he’s just so cool!! Can I go back and play this part again!?
Producer: You can do whatever you’d like.
Mio: Ahh… I didn’t know that he had such a gorgeous smile on his face during this part… Now I know what all of the fans were cheering about…
Producer: (Hey, he rewound the clip before he got an answer…)
The Rhapsody for the Emperor 2 (2)
Mio: Sigh… It’s impossible for him to not be cool… Eva-sama’s too cool… Just one more time…!
Producer: (How many more times are we going to watch this scene… I mean, he does look great, but…)
Producer: (Oh well, I’m sure that the fans will watch this, too. I guess that’s there a certain way I can learn from this.)
Producer: …You really do love Eva-kun, don’t you, Yamanobe-kun?
Mio: Don’t state the obvious! Pay attention to the video!
The Rhapsody for the Emperor 2 (3)
Mio: …I just can’t help but love him. I’m so glad that Eva-sama is my master…!
Mio: Ahh, that was so much fun!
Producer: (Incredible… Even though we watched the edited version of that clip, it took us just as long as if we’d been watching the actual show…)
Mio: Producer-san? Are you okay? Tired?
Producer: No, I’m fine. More importantly, how was it? Have you had your fill of what you thought you’d missed out on?
Mio: Yup! I’m totally satisfied now!
Mio: Eva-sama’s so beautiful, whether he’s singing or dancing.
Producer: Yup. You’re definitely right about that. I was pretty captivated by him, myself.
The Rhapsody for the Emperor 2 (4)
Mio: Ah, but remember what I told you: don’t fall in love with him or anything, okay? He’s our master, after all.
Producer: I know. You told me the same thing when I was assigned to be your producer. “Don’t fall in love with him.”
Mio: Well, come on… I don’t want him to be taken away from me, so it’s only natural to remind you, right?
Producer: Ahaha, I suppose so. You’re only saying that because of how charming Eva-kun is.
Mio: Hey, hey, Producer-san.
The Rhapsody for the Emperor 2 (5)
Mio: I wonder if I’ll be able to dance as gracefully as Eva-sama someday? I want to be someone who isn’t embarrassed to stand next to him.
Producer: …I know how you feel, looking up to Eva-kun so much. And I can relate to wanting to be close to the people you admire.
Producer: But I don’t think you need to be like Eva-kun.
Producer: The person that Eva-sama most wants to be with him is Mio Yamanobe, so you’d be better off just acting like yourself, right?
The Rhapsody for the Emperor 2 (6)
Mio: You sounded like a real producer there all of a sudden…
Mio: Don’t act like you know everything, okay?
Producer: (…I wonder if I annoyed him somehow.)
Mio: …Thanks, though. I guess it does make me happy to hear you say that.
Producer: Yamanobe-kun...
Mio: I still want to be like Eva-sama, though… He’s so cool…
Producer: (Hmm… Did I actually get my point across to him?)


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