The Rhapsody for the Emperor 3 (1)
Mio: Come, fair maidens, raise your voices and cheer for me once more!
Mio: The only thing that can keep me bound to this transient world are your voices, those which so shake this world of yours…
Mio: Do you wish to hear more of my voice…?
Producer: Y-Yamanobe-kun?
Mio: Ah, Producer-san! Were you watching me just now?
Producer: What are you doing, Yamanobe-kun!? Don’t surprise me like that, Yamanobe-kun!
Mio: No need to say my name so much. I’m perfectly aware of who I am.
Producer: But, I mean… we’d just talked about how it would be best for you to act like yourself…
Mio: I’m not sure what the big misunderstanding is here, but could you please calm down a little?
Producer: But, but you…!
The Rhapsody for the Emperor 3 (2)
Mio: Am I gonna have to shut up that loud mouth of yours myself?
Producer: !
Mio: Now that you’ve calmed down, try rea~l hard to remember that little speech I just gave. Haven’t you heard it somewhere before?
Producer: (Have I heard it somewhere before? …Now that he mentions it, I think I have…?)
Mio: Did that remind you of what it was?
The Rhapsody for the Emperor 3 (3)
Mio: Here’s the answer: It’s what Eva-sama came up with during the encore of the show we watched earlier. ♪
Mio: I decided that I’d try to mimic how cool he sounded then, but it’s no use. I practiced and practiced, but it didn’t turn out well at all.
Producer: So you were just copying Eva-kun?
Mio: Um, yeah? …From how obviously relieved you look, I guess my impersonation of him was pretty bad?
Producer: It’s not that it was bad, per se. And that wouldn’t have been an issue, anyway. I was more worried about what I’d do if you really wanted to start saying things like that.
Mio: I thought so. One day, I’ll be just like Eva-sama…!
Producer: …I prefer you just the way you are.
Mio: Mrgh… Why would you say something so mean, Producer-san?
Producer: I’m not being mean. I like you how you are right now, so this is the one thing I won’t back down on.
Mio: “Like me”? You really like me, Producer-san?
Producer: Ah, no! I didn’t mean it like that…
Mio: Well, I like you too, Producer-san. So maybe I’m not so bad the way I am after all, if you like me…
Producer: (Wait, what? Was he trying to make me compliment him with all of this…?)
Mio: Oh no! I can’t let you sweet talk me before I’ve even gone through with this!
Mio: I’m going to be just like Master! I’m not gonna back down, either!
Mio: Even if I have to walk through fire to get there, I’m not going to lose my resolve!
Mio: You just watch me, Producer-san! ♪
Producer: (Ahaha, he’s really serious about this. He really seems to shine when he’s chasing after his dreams.)
Producer: …I guess I can’t do anything about it. Just take it one step at a time, okay?
The Rhapsody for the Emperor 3 (4)
Mio: What does it look like to all of you when you see someone desperately holding onto something they know they’ll never have?
Mio: Do you laugh at them, like they’re a fool who doesn’t realize their own limits? Or… would you praise them for dreaming of the things to come, and for taking their first step towards what they want?
Mio: You know, I’m someone like that. …I wonder what people think of me. Or maybe what I want them to think about me?
The Rhapsody for the Emperor 3 (5)
Mio: Oh, my most splendid master… What would you say to me if I told you that I struggled so to be just like you?
Mio: If you could put it into words, then I would surely become just what you told me to. That’s my duty as your ever-faithful servant, after all.
Mio: Come now, all of you, raise your voices and cheer for us!
The Rhapsody for the Emperor 3 (6)
Mio: Sing a song for he who rules over us, our emperor! Cry out! Tremble before us! That’s your job as our followers!


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