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The Shadow&#039;s Great Efforts 1 (1)
Takamichi: Let's try this part of the choreography once more...And then this. And then the finger movement
Takamichi: Good...I can do this. Once more
Takamichi: We turn here, and here...?!
The Shadow&#039;s Great Efforts 1 (2)
Takamichi: Ouch....I slipped....Why is it wet here....Ah, it's my sweat....
Takamichi: I can't do this, at all...Even though I said to have the costume meeting tomorrow
Producer: Shouldn't you take a break now?
The Shadow&#039;s Great Efforts 1 (3)
Takamichi: Uwawah!....It's you again! Our Producer sure has a nice hobby
Producer: How mean. I knew you would stay until late today too, so I came to see how you were doing
Producer: I brought some food. You have to drink a lot of water after training. I also made a sandwich so if you want you can eat it
The Shadow&#039;s Great Efforts 1 (4)
Takamichi: ....How long have you known that I train alone?
Producer: One could notice that immediately
Producer: You might come to hate me but...I've been looking at you way more than what you can imagine
Takamichi: No matter how much I act like I can do anything, I still can't get this choreography right, no matter how much I sweat
Takamichi: ......Was it that amusing to see me struggling like that?
Producer: No. I never thought something like that
Producer: On the contrary, I think that pushing yourself so far just to protect your image is incredible
Takamichi: .....Well, when the others tell me to be refined and all and then have them getting disappointed at me would hurt
Producer: Weren't you playing the part of the refined person?
Takamichi: It's just that the others misunderstand
Producer: But, aren't you showing results only because the others tell you so?
Producer: You give it your best in studying, dancing, singing, and I respect you for that
Takamichi: What are you saying. It wouldn't make me the slightest bit happy showing this uncool side
Producer: No no. You're just saying it. Truth is that it makes you happy if others praise you for working that hard~
Takamichi: Tsk! .....But I haven't talked to Issei and Futami about my practices
Producer: Yes, I know
Producer: (But both Todoroki-kun and Akabane-kun know about it, they just kept silent and didn't say anything)
Takamichi: Man....How much do you know about me
Producer: Quite a lot?
The Shadow&#039;s Great Efforts 1 (5)
Takamichi: The way you said it really pissed me off
Producer: Ahaha
The Shadow&#039;s Great Efforts 1 (6)
Takamichi: It's really annoying! But you've come all the way here so at least keep me company.
Takamichi: For once I'll act like a pupil and listen to the advice's of our great teacher

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