Producer: You've gotten really good at the hook part
Producer: To think that you would become so good with just one advice. As expected of Sanzenin-kun!
The Shadow's Great Efforts 2 (1)
Takamichi: ..........
Producer: Hey, Sanzenin-kun...Are you listening?
Takamichi: ...Yeah, I am
Producer: You look like you're in a terrible mood. Was there something in my lesson that you didn't like...?
The Shadow's Great Efforts 2 (2)
Takamichi: ....I'm sorry
Producer: Eh?
Takamichi: I made you stay with me until this late hour. You have your own work to do too, right?
Takamichi: Tomorrow we have a costume meeting so that's why I was in such a hurry. The only thing I don't want is to do a terrible dance in front of Issei and Futami.
The Shadow's Great Efforts 2 (3)
Takamichi: What you say is always really correct, and to be frank I lost track of time. I think tomorrow I'll be able to do a dance that I can be satisfied with.
Producer: ....I've always been wondering about it
Takamichi: What?
Producer: Why are you practicing alone? You can do an even better practice if you all three are together.
Takamichi: We have our own ways of doing things
Producer: Ways?
Takamichi: I'm the best when it comes to remembering the song and choreography. However, it takes time for me to actually be able to dance it
Takamichi: While Futami is the opposite. It gets time for him to get motivated, but once he memorizes them it becomes natural for him.
Takamichi: While when it comes to Issei he can adopt it to a certain degree, but he also modifies or arranges it a bit to make it more fitting for him, right?
Takamichi: So practicing alone is more efficient for us
Producer: .....Is it so
Takamichi: Yes
Producer: You could stop being so obstinate and ask advice from them
The Shadow's Great Efforts 2 (4)
Takamichi: ....If I could I would have done that long ago without going through these troubles
Takamichi: You've known my nature very well ever since the past, right?
Producer: ...That you're obstinate and prideful?
Takamichi: Your way of talking is kinda...Well, fine. Simply put I'm like that

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