The Shadow's Great Efforts 3 (1)
Takamichi: Good mooorning...Rather, nobody can be here now. It's still too early until the meeting
Producer: Good morning Sanzenin-kun. You came earlier today too
Takamichi: ...Why are you here
Producer: I thought it was time for you to come here so I came too
The Shadow's Great Efforts 3 (2)
Takamichi: *sigh* ...Are you saying that you know my behavior's pattern...
Producer: Aren't I a reliable producer?
The Shadow's Great Efforts 3 (3)
Takamichi: Yeah, you're our great reliable Producer. So? Do you have any business with me?
Producer: Don't be so cold. I actually got three of them, so I thought about giving them to everyone--
Producer: Those are the costumes of the new song. I thought that maybe you would want to try it on beforehand
Producer: You're the type that needs to get used to it. So wouldn't this be better?
Takamichi: You...y'know
Producer: Hm?
Takamichi: (You're making that face like it's nothing much. Why do you know so much about me....)
Takamichi: No, it's nothing...You've been of great help
Producer: Oh? Where did you leave your usual attitude?
Takamichi: I've already shown you enough of me so it's a bit late now. Anyway, give me that costume.
Producer: O-okay
Takamichi: It seems I might become more honest towards you today
Producer: ....Do you have a fever perhaps?
The Shadow's Great Efforts 3 (4)
Takamichi: .....I'm gonna hit you for real one day
Producer: I'm lying I'm lying! It was a joke!
Takamichi: I wonder....
Producer: (He's gotten way better than yesterday. He also practiced at home when going back. And his singing is...Incredible)
Producer: (That's what I expected of you, Sanzenin-kun)
The Shadow's Great Efforts 3 (5)
Takamichi: .....So? How was it?
Producer: You can understand it by yourself without needing to ask me, right?
The Shadow's Great Efforts 3 (6)
Takamichi: Well. There's no way I would do something half-assed and look uncool. Right, Producer?

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