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Producer: I’ll call you back to confirm that as soon as possible. Yes. Well then, please proceed as such. Thank you very much.
[hangs up phone]
Producer: Sigh… Just so I don’t forget all that, I’d better…
The ideal idol figure 1 (1)
Runa: You seem to have quite a bit of work on your hands, Producer.
Producer: Kagurazaka-san! You’re going home now?
Producer: …….
Runa: Yes, seeing as there aren’t any more dance lessons. …Producer?
Producer: …….
The ideal idol figure 1 (2)
Runa: Producer!
Producer: What?
Runa: …You’re staring at me. Is it so strange to see me wearing a school uniform?
Producer: No, it isn’t strange at all. Rather, it gives you the feeling of being a clean-cut young lady!
Producer: There’s never been someone as stylish as you!
The ideal idol figure 1 (3)
Runa: [Play] A clean-cut young lady… Saying that so plainly makes me rather embarrassed.
Producer: (Ah, he’s got a cute face when he’s embarrassed, too…)
Producer: Have you gotten used to the school yet? It’s pretty different from other schools, so I’d imagine you’d probably be a bit confused at first…
The ideal idol figure 1 (4)
Runa: I have. Others have very courteously explained what I’m unaccustomed to, so I’ve been able to thoroughly enjoy myself.
Producer: I’m relieved to hear that. The third generation students are all quite the characters, so that probably makes things fun, right?
Runa: Fufu, I think it’s fair to say that there isn’t a single person in this academy with a lackluster personality.
Producer: …That’s definitely true.
Runa: Kokoro appears to be particularly concerned about me, although there’s really no need to worry so much.
Producer: Speaking of that, wasn’t it Hanabusa-san who invited you to attempt to become an idol, Kagurazaka-san?
Runa: Yes. Kokoro and I have lived in the same neighborhood since we were young.
Producer: Really… What were you two like as kids?
Runa: I was living an entirely normal life as a boy. However, Kokoro has been dressing as a girl ever since we were children…
Runa: I never interacted with him much back then.
Runa: Although, truthfully, I did know that Kokoro was a boy by the time we entered elementary school.
Runa: He was an adorable child, but I was surprised to see that he wore a black backpack to school.
Runa: I had thought that he would have only ever brought a pink one.
Runa: When I asked why, he said “Because they told me that boys in elementary school only wear black backpacks.”
Runa: And that was when I first knew that Kokoro was a boy. It was pretty shocking to me, as young as I was.
Producer: That’s the first time I’ve heard that story…
Producer: But how did you come to accept that so readily? Was Hanabusa-san just being Hanabusa-san really enough of a reason…?
The ideal idol figure 1 (5)
Runa: Fufu, I think it’s fine. Regardless of gender, they’ve always just been “Kokoro Hanabusa”, after all.
Producer: (He accepts Hanabusa-san regardless of being a boy or a girl… Somehow that makes me happy.)


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