Producer: Okay, now I should be all done with that. Next up is…
The ideal married life 1 (1)
Ban: Oh! Found ya, Producer! You free right now?
Producer: Jumonji-kun… As you can see, I’m in the middle of work.
Ban: Then when will you be free?
Producer: …You’re sure in a good mood. Is there something going on?
The ideal married life 1 (2)
Ban: Hehe, actually, there’s someplace I wanna take you to!
Producer: Somewhere you want to take me?
Ban: You were saying earlier that you were wondering if there was a nice church around here, right?
Ban: And that made me remember one that looks really beautiful around this time of year!
Producer: Oh yeah… What kind of place is it?
The ideal married life 1 (3)
Ban: Umm, well… Anyway, it’s a really pretty place!
Producer: (…Yeah, that doesn’t tell me anything. But still…)
Producer: Well, if you’re giving it such praise, then I suppose that I could go take just one look at it. What’s the name of the church?
The ideal married life 1 (4)
Ban: The name? I think that it was St. something-or-other… Was that it?
Producer: …You don’t remember, do you?
Ban: Ahaha, I’m really bad at remembering katakana… B-But, I remember the place itself! Crystal clear!
Ban: So I thought it’d be nice if we could go there together.
Ban: …I came here thinking that I could be of some use to you, but am I just getting in your way?
Producer: There’s no way I’d ever think you were a nuisance.
The ideal married life 1 (5)
Ban: But I just burst in here all excited, even though I couldn’t even remember the name of the church…
Producer: It’s not like you to be so depressed. You know, I’m starting to really want to see this church, too.
Ban: Really!? Then let’s get going right no–… Wait, now that I think about it, you were in the middle of work just now.
The ideal married life 1 (6)
Ban: Well then, I’ll wait as long as I have to until you’re not busy anymore, so please give me a call once you’re free!
Producer: No worries. Scoping out potential work locations is an important part of my job, too.
Producer: Well then, can you lead me to the church that you found?
Ban: You got it!!


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