Producer: Jumonji-kun… Why am I covering my eyes?
The ideal married life 2 (1)
Ban: Because I want it to be a surprise, obviously! And isn’t it more exciting this way?
Producer: Well, I’ve certainly got very high expectations now…
Ban: Okay, we’re here! Open your eyes, please!
The ideal married life 2 (2)
Ban: Ta-dah!
Producer: Waah…!
ban: So what d'ya think? What d'ya think? Isn’t it super pretty?
Ban: This is definitely the kind of church you’d think of around this time of year!
Ban: I actually used to go hang out at churches and stuff when I was little. With Master and Mio, too.
Ban: Ah, but I don’t think they know about this one. Mio is never in a good mood during this season, so he tries not to go outside too much.
The ideal married life 2 (3)
Ban: I don’t think I’ve ever seen a place with such beautifully blooming hydrangeas.
Ban: …Producer? Are you listening to me?
Producer: Eh? Ah, yeah. I’m listening. I’m sorry, I'm kind of speechless. I was just so blown away by it all.
Ban: Blown away…? Do you not like it, then?
Ban: …Maybe a church with roses instead of hydrangeas would’ve been better after all?
Ban: I know another church like that, so I could take you there if you’d like!
Producer: No, that’s not it. …I was so moved by how beautiful it is here.. I couldn’t find the words for it. That’s all.
Producer: Thank you for bringing me here, Jumonji-kun. I think that we should be able to take some really good photos here.
Ban: Photos?
Producer: Didn’t I tell you? About our next photo shoot having a “June Bride” theme.
The ideal married life 2 (4)
Ban: “June Bride”… So that means a wedding ceremony, right?
Producer: Yeah. If we do it here, then we can get some really great shots–… Jumonji-kun?
Ban: …There’s actually a reason that I wanted to tell you something in front of this church.
Ban: …I brought you here because I thought this would be a great place to get married, if you would ever marry me.
Ban: So, it’s kinda like… I felt like it was d-destiny, or something… Ah, but…
The ideal married life 2 (5)
Ban: Even though I’m talking about marriage, I still can’t even begin to imagine it.
Ban: Still, I think that you’d be prettier than anyone else in the whole wide world, standing here in an all-white dress!
Producer: That’s…. You’re making me embarrassed.
The ideal married life 2 (6)
Ban: Ah, I’m so sorry! I just kind of…
Producer: Ahaha! …Thanks, Jumonji-kun.


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