The ideal married life 3 (1)
Ban: I’ve been here a thousand times, but… Somehow, I feel more nervous than usual, standing here in this outfit.
ban: It feels like I’m really waiting for an actual wedding to start…
Producer: Fufu, I’m glad that you’re feeling so excited.
Producer: I want to see the way you’d look nervous before the ceremony begins, and how you’d look once you start to feel more relaxed, thinking about your partner…
The ideal married life 3 (2)
Ban: …Then, just to make this more realistic, would you mind coming over here?
Producer: —Of course, I’d be glad to.
Ban: Hehe… I never would’ve imagined that I’d be holding hands with you in a place like this.
Producer: Well, a bride shouldn’t refuse to hold her groom’s hand when he offers it to her, should she?
Ban: …Until the photo shoot’s over, is it okay if I pretend that you’re my bride?
Producer: Sure, that’s fine.
Ban: Ehehe… So I can get married to the producer… to [Name]
Producer: …Jumonji-kun, if you were to get married, what kind of life would you like to have?
Ban: What kind of life… Hmm, that’s a good question… I’ve never really thought much about it, but…
The ideal married life 3 (3)
Ban: I’d love to have a home life where my wife and I could eat hot food every single day…!
Ban: That’s probably because I’ve hardly ever eaten together with my family. My parents are both very busy people, after all.
Ban: Ah, but I’ve never felt sad or lonely about it, you know? Not even once. Since I’ve got Master and Mio.
Ban: I’m really proud of how my parents have been working so hard for such a long time! But still, that’s why I really want to be able to eat with others.
Ban: I want to have a life where I can eat delicious food with the person I love the most in the whole wide world.
The ideal married life 3 (4)
Ban: J-just kidding! Now I’m embarrassed…
Producer: That’s a wonderful dream to have.
Ban: You think so?
Producer: Yeah. I think that would be a really great kind of family life.
Ban: …In that case, would you help me make that dream come true? Together?
Producer: Eh…?
The ideal married life 3 (5)
Ban: I think that I’d be really happy if I could eat something you made everyday~ ♪
Producer: M-My cooking’s really not that great, though…!
Ban: Just being with you would be great!
Ban: Eating something that the person I love made just for me, and eating it with them… Nothing else would make me happier.
Producer: (Ahh, I suppose that really is a wonderful thing…)
The ideal married life 3 (6)
Ban: I’d like it if you’d try to imagine it, just like I am. Even if it’s just for a little bit.
Ban: What it would be like to be married to me.


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