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The location is perfect 1 (1)
Kyosuke: We’re finally here… It’s the beach!
Producer: You’ve been looking forward to this that much?
Kyosuke: Yes! Despite how I may look, I love the ocean.
Producer: (Since Momoi-kun is usually indoors, I didn’t really expect him to be so excited…)
Kyosuke: We’d better drop off our luggage and get everything ready quickly. Producer-san, are we free to do what we’d like to up until rehearsal?
Producer: Sure. You can go play around as much as you’d like.
Kyosuke: All right! Then, here’s my camera, and my sketchbook… My sketching pencils, and then…
Producer: Your camera and sketchbook… Eh, Momoi-kun?
The location is perfect 1 (2)
Kyosuke: What is it?
Producer: You’re going to play at the beach now, aren’t you?
Kyosuke: Yes! I just can’t miss out on this location.
The location is perfect 1 (3)
Kyosuke: I’m going to take a lot of great pictures! And draw a lot, too! I’m going to draw and take pictures of everything and anything!
Kyosuke: Ahh~… No matter how much time we’ve got, it just won’t be enough!
Producer: Pfft, ahahaha!
Kyosuke: Producer-san? Why are you laughing?
Producer: Because the way you’re going to enjoy yourself is so much different than what I’d imagined you’d do. It’s just kind of funny.
Kyosuke: D-Did I do something strange…? Ah, maybe I’m getting too excited all by myself…?
Producer: No, not that. I couldn’t help but smile at how much you seem to be having fun. That’s true, I suppose you can enjoy yourself like that, too.
Kyosuke: I- I’m sorry. I was making too big of a fuss…
Producer: Why are you apologizing? Besides, it makes me incredibly happy that you’re having fun.
Producer: You were so happy and radiant just now. It was really cute.
The location is perfect 1 (4)
Kyosuke: Wha–!? Wha-wha-what are you saying!?
The location is perfect 1 (5)
Kyosuke: You’re a million times cuter than I am!
Producer: My, that flattery of yours makes me so happy.
Kyosuke: It isn’t just flattery! It’s undoubtedly the truth!
Producer: Okay, okay, thank you. But more importantly, Mr. Manga Artist? Don’t you think you’d better hurry up and get going?
Producer: You’ve only got so much time to spend, right?
Kyosuke: That’s right! This isn’t the place to have a silly argument like this…! B-But, I, I really do believe what I said!
Producer: (There’s no need for him to be so frantically insistent. —Though I am happy.)
Producer: Thanks, Momoi-kun. By the way, wouldn’t you be better off changing into your swimsuit?
Kyosuke: Ah! Ehehe… I forgot it ☆
Producer: (That klutzy side of his is cute, too…)


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