The location is perfect 2 (1)
Kyosuke: .....
Producer: Hm? What’s wrong, Momoi-kun? Weren’t you short on time? You got quiet all of a sudden a while ago.
Kyosuke: Uh, hey, Producer-san.
Producer: What?
Kyosuke: I actually have a little favor to ask you…
Kyosuke: Would you let me draw you?
Producer: Draw me…? Why? There are lots of other girls here who look like they could be your model…
The location is perfect 2 (2)
Kyosuke: It’s not as if any old person will do. I’m asking because I want to draw you.
Kyosuke: I made up my mind today that I would definitely ask you if you would. …Don’t… you want to?
Producer: …It’s not as if I can turn that down.
Kyosuke: Well then…!
Producer: But in exchange, make sure you make me look cute, okay?
The location is perfect 2 (3)
Kyosuke: Of course!
Kyosuke: All done!
Producer: Oh, let’s see now…? This one…?
Kyosuke: H-How is it? I think that it turned out well, but…
Producer: Amazing… Is this how you see me, Momoi-kun?
Kyosuke: Yes! You’re beautiful and kind, but despite that, very cool and refined deep down. Whether or not I captured that expression is a whole different matter, though.
Producer: It’s a really beautiful piece. I’m happy that you would draw me this way.
Kyosuke: ’’Ah, I’ve drawn yet another disappointing piece…’’ Ehehe, I just wanted to try saying that! P-, please don’t laugh!
Producer: Fufu, you’re really such a funny kid, Momoi-kun.
The location is perfect 2 (4)
Kyosuke: Does that mean that I’m weird…?
Producer: As an idol, it’s a good thing to be different from other people. But, in any case…
The location is perfect 2 (5)
Kyosuke: What is it…?
Producer: I’m so sorry for being a disappointing model, I guess?
Kyosuke: Eeek–!!
Kyosuke: Th-th-th- that’s not it!! You’ve got it all wrong!! I’d never say something that meant that, it was, um…!
Producer: Then what did you mean?
Kyosuke: That was, well, because, you know… Umm… Please wait! Even though I can’t find the words right now, I didn’t mean that at all…!
Producer: (Just kidding! I know that you didn’t mean anything bad by that, Momoi-kun.)


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