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Producer: (He didn’t come back to the hotel after the show ended… I wonder if Momoi-kun’s out drawing somewhere again?)
Producer: Ah, there he is.
The location is perfect 3 (1)
Kyosuke: .....
Producer: (Just like I thought, he’s drawing. It wouldn’t be a good idea to interrupt him, so maybe I’ll try calling out to him again after a little bit…)
Kyosuke: All right, it’s done…! Ehehe…!
Producer: What’s got you looking so happy?
The location is perfect 3 (2)
Kyosuke: Uwah!? P-Producer-san!!
Producer: You were drawing, right? Let me see, too.
Kyosuke: B-but, this is…
Producer: ?
Kyosuke: G-Go ahead…
Producer: Let’s see here… So it’s a drawing of ocean during the sunset, huh? How pretty. …Huh? Are there are two people snuggled up together right here…?
Producer: (It must be my imagination, but they look like Momoi-kun and me…)
The location is perfect 3 (3)
Kyosuke: I thought… that you’d notice.
Producer: You thought I’d notice what?
Kyosuke: That’s you and me, Producer-san. As I was watching the sun set into the ocean here, I just couldn’t get your face out of my mind.
Kyosuke: And by the time I noticed, I’d drawn you next to me… Ahh, I’ve really gone and done something so embarrassing…!
Kyosuke: And even though I’d told myself that I had to make sure I didn’t let you see this one…!
Producer: I’m really happy that you let me see this drawing.
Kyosuke: Eh…?
Producer: In any case, you really do love the ocean, don’t you? I do, too. No, actually, I like looking at your drawing even more.
Producer: Somehow I feel as if I’d be able to look at it forever.
The location is perfect 3 (4)
Kyosuke: …Since I’m here with somebody else, I think I might feel even more strongly about that.
Producer: You mean how you feel like you could look at it forever?
The location is perfect 3 (5)
Kyosuke: …I mean how if I’m with someone I love, then I’ll always want to be with them.
Producer: If you say something like that in this sort of situation, then I might get the wrong idea, you know? Just kidding—
Kyosuke: There’s nothing to misunderstand! If I’m with you, then…! Uuu… I’m so embarrassed~…
Producer: …Well, maybe you’ll let me hear the rest of what you had to say someday.
Producer: So then, what do you say we watch the sunset together for a little while longer?
Kyosuke: ! …Okay.


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