Producer: Kanata-kun? Sure, I’d imagine that he’d like something as cute as that, but…
Akira: He’s been a bit depressed today, since he left his Rabirabi at home, and he almost always has it with him.
Producer: …I’ve been thinking that he looks a bit off. Is that what happened?
Akira: Yeah, that’s right. I thought that I’d give him Rabi in Rabirabi’s place, but I put an end to that idea since Kanata didn’t seem like he’d respond well to the joke.
Producer: …You really were joking about that, right?
Akira: Fufu. Well, who could say for sure?
Akira: Anyway, it wouldn’t be a substitute for Rabirabi, but it would probably cheer him up a bit if I gave that to him.
Producer: You really do spoil Kanata-kun, don’t you?
Akira: Well, I’m not exactly trying to.
Producer: Fufu, that makes me a little happy.
Akira: I don’t really understand what there is for you to be happy about.
Producer: You may say that, but I know you know.
Akira: …Now then, what’s next… Shall we head over toward that bear? I wonder how much they’re selling it for…
Producer: That’s a senbonbiki station.
Akira: Senbonbiki?
Producer: You don’t know what it is? Well, if I had to compare it to something, I’d say it’s like drawing a fortune.
Producer: As you can tell by the name, there are a thousand strings with prizes attached to the end of them. Whatever prize you’ll win all comes down to luck.
Akira: …I get the feeling that there’s no way I’ll win that.
Producer: You won’t know unless you try. Let’s at least go over there to try it out.
Producer: Pfft, heeheehee….
Akira: Producer, just how long are you planning to laugh like that?
Producer: But, but, come on…! You’d never think that you’d actually end up winning it, right!? And yet…!
Producer: Fufufu…
Producer: And I mean, you just had to keep playing until you got that bear, and now you’ve got this huge amount of candy… And you look so silly…!
Akira: You know, if you laugh any more than you already have, I’m not going to split the candy with you.
Producer: Fufu… Wah!?
Akira: Producer!
Producer: Ow, ow, ow…
Akira: Are you okay? Geez, watch where you’re going.
Akira: We can’t do anything to take care of that here, so let’s go somewhere where nobody else is around for right now. Do you think you can walk?
Producer: …I don’t think so.
Akira: Okay then, here you go.
Akira: No need to hold back. Here, hold on to my arm.
Akira: After all, taking care of my ditzy producer is a very important duty of mine.


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