Akira: Who would’ve thought your heel would snap off?
Producer: Really, I’m so sorry. This is all because I wasn’t careful enough…
Akira: There’s nothing you could’ve done about it– you didn’t exactly have a great path to walk on. Besides, you’re really used to wearing those shoes, aren’t you?
Producer: I bought them when I started to work with all of you, so it’s not like they’re even that old, but…
Akira: That just means that you’ve been running all over the place doing things for us, doesn’t it?
Producer: Maybe… It would be nice if that’s what it was from, but…
Akira: It obviously is what it’s from. Here, can you move over here? I’ll fix up your foot.
Producer: …I don’t think that I can. Could you lend me your hand?
Akira: Of course, here you are.
Producer: (Might as well ask, since he’s genuinely nice in situations like these…)
Akira: Hm, you’ve really got a grip on me… Or maybe it’s more apt to say that you’re clinging to me for dear life. …What on earth am I going to do with you?
Producer: Eh… Ah! Sorry!
Akira: …Does it hurt that badly?
Producer: …No, I’m fine.
Akira: There’s no need to act tough at times like these. Look at how swollen it is. It looks like it would twist the minute you tried to move.
Akira: I don’t have any bandages, but I at least have a handkerchief. Just relax, and I’ll set it straight.
Akira: I’m sure you know this already, but you can’t go moving around a lot with this, okay?
Producer: Sigh… I’m so pathetic.
Akira: Producer?
Producer: I mean, having you take care of me, even though you’re younger than I am.
Akira: I didn’t offer to help you because I wanted to see you make a face like that.
Producer: But...
Akira: Well then, as an apology for making me take care of you, how about you let me depend on you until the performance?
Akira: Despite how I look, I’m actually pretty nervous. This will be the first time we’ve done a show in a place where we’re not the main attraction, after all.
Producer: You say that, but you’ll be back to your normally cool self during the performance, right?
Akira: I know you’ll be watching, so I’ll do my very best.
Producer: (It seems like the audience is enjoying themselves. That’s good.)
Producer: (Or maybe I should say that the girls over there look like they’re having the most fun out of everyone here.)
Akira: I’m really glad that I was able to meet you all today. Thank you for giving me the most amazing summer memory I could hope for.
Akira: We’re about to start out last song, but are you all ready for it? It’s pretty dark, so watch your step. I’d feel terrible if anyone got hurt.
Producer: (…And just why are you looking at me while you’re saying that~!?)


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