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Producer: I woke up unusually early today and decided to take a walk. Taking a walk in the morning is really the best.
Producer: (And lately I feel like the fatigue has been piling up too... But this is a long awaited event for everyone, so I have to do something that I won't regret.)
???: Oi.
Producer: Hm?
The other leading actor 1 (1)
Tsubaki: Yo.
Producer: Tsubaki-kun. Good morning.
Tsubaki: 'Morning. Why are you up so early?
Tsubaki: I would say for work but... You're wearing casual clothes.
Producer: I'm free today. I woke up earlier so I decided to take a walk for a change of pace.
Tsubaki: I see..... Mornings are really nice, don't you agree?
Producer: Yes, and the wind feels really good. Do you always run in the morning, Tsubaki-kun?
The other leading actor 1 (2)
Tsubaki: Yes.... Your timing is good. It was almost time for me to take a break, so I guess I'll start walking now.
Producer: (Is he perhaps doing this for me?)
Producer: Thank you, Tsubaki-kun.
Tsubaki: No problem, I didn't do it for your thanks. Come on, walk by my side. No need to stay back.
Producer: Ok......*stares*.....
The other leading actor 1 (3)
Tsubaki: ......What's wrong?
Producer: You somehow look refreshing without japanese clothes.
Producer: It's different from the uniform, but you look cool like this.
The other leading actor 1 (4)
Tsubaki: Of course I do.
The other leading actor 1 (5)
Tsubaki: It's obvious for me to grow accustomed to the japanese style. However, I also gotta look good in other clothes, right?
Tsubaki: At work I don't get to choose my clothes.
Tsubaki: I would be a failure as an idol if I didn't manage to look good without destroying my image with whatever clothes they give me.
Producer: ....You're quite right.
The other leading actor 1 (6)
Tsubaki: Well, I look good no matter what I wear.
Producer: Fufu, you do.
Tsubaki: Leaving that aside.... Sit down for a moment.
Producer: Eh? What's wrong?
The other leading actor 1 (7)
Tsubaki: ....You're overworking yourself lately, aren't you? Toya was worried too y'know?
Tsubaki: Take it slow sometimes. There's no one that can replace you after all... Take more care of yourself.
Producer: Tsubaki-kun.... Thank you.
Tsubaki: We have only you as producer after all.
Tsubaki: And also, if you collapsed I wouldn't have anyone to tease anymore, kuku.

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