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The ruler that doesn&#039;t know defeat 1 (1)
Tsubaki: Listen, when you engage in cheering you have to be matching with each other. This is the same as in the dancing lessons.
Tsubaki: Remember each movement really well. Don't think that it's fine if you just copy the other's movement, that's too easy.
Tsubaki: If you make a mistake the cheering would look incomplete for us at that moment. I won't forgive half-assed things.
Tsubaki: If you understood that, then let's try this part once more!
IKids: "Yes, Tsubaki-sensei!"
Producer: Fufu, you're merciless even if your partners are the IKids, as always.
The ruler that doesn&#039;t know defeat 1 (2)
Tsubaki: Producer. So you arrived.
Producer: Yes. How are things going?
Tsubaki: They can do only around 60% for now.
Producer: Oh my, how rigid. But it's almost time for lunch. Won't you let them take a break for a bit?
Producer: You won't see results if you train with an empty stomach.
Tsubaki: ....If you're saying that much then let's take a break.
Mao: Yay! Lunch break! I was feeling exhausted here...
The ruler that doesn&#039;t know defeat 1 (3)
Jimpachi: Tsubaki-sensei is really strict after all!
Tsubaki: You wouldn't remember anything if I wasn't strict.
Mao: T-that's not true! We would remember it even if you taught us kindly, Tsubaki-sensei!
Jimpachi: Yes! On the contrary, that way I would be happier!
Producer: There there you two, don't say things like that. You want to be cool like Tsubaki-kun and perform good cheering, right?
Producer: You become cool only at the parts where you're taught strictly, so doesn't that make you want to work harder even more?
Mao: That's... right.
Jimpachi: Can't be helped! Then we will give our best so that we will be cool like Tsubaki-sensei!
Mao: Yes!
The ruler that doesn&#039;t know defeat 1 (4)
Tsubaki: You're good with kids.
Producer: Well I wouldn't accept to take care of such troublemakers for nothing.
Tsubaki: Haha! You're not wrong. Good, they seem to have returned to the classroom so let's go.
Producer: ? Where?
Tsubaki: To eat, right? Today's bento---
Tsubaki: This is Toya's special multi-layered box obento. Come on, come here and eat too.
Producer: Is it ok to eat together?
Tsubaki: You're not in work now, so it's for having you take care of us. It has been cooked since early morning you know?
Tsubaki: It has been cooked for you too, so go ahead and eat.
Producer: ....Then, if you insist I'll eat some.
Tsubaki: Good.

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