The shape of gratitude 1 (1)
Noah: ... Fuh.
Cameraman: That's good, Noah-kun! Try to dance freely like that!
Noah: Fufu, OK.
Producer: (For the purpose of the event pamphlet, everyone in I♥B is having a photo shooting in their jerseys, but...)
Producer: (Looking at Noah-kun's dance lesson... yes, it's as expected. His look in a jersey is very appropriate.)
Cameraman: That's a good rhythm! Next, go this way.
Noah: OK.
Producer: (If this shooting continues like this, we might even finish ahead of the schedule.)
The shape of gratitude 1 (2)
Cameraman: So, let's rest a bit. Good work.
Noah: Thank you very much. ... Fuh.
Producer: Good work, Noah-kun. Here, a towel. Do you want to drink some water?
Noah: Thank you, I'll drink something. ... Ah, that's right. Producer.
Producer: What's the matter?
Noah: It's about the dance choreography, I think there's something small I'd like to change.
Noah: See, we are carrying our instruments, right? I wanted to discuss our assumed behavior a little.
Producer: When holding an instrument, general movement will certainly be different. It's something we should definitely consider.
The shape of gratitude 1 (3)
Noah: Yes, we and our instruments. Both of these things increase their beauty mutually, I think that's what you call synergy. ... It's kinda like you and me.
Producer: As your Producer, I'm happy if your band needs me like this.
Noah: Well, that too... Fufu. It's fine.
Noah: What did you think about me earlier? During my dance lesson photo shooting.
Producer: It was like you'd expect. But you looked good in that jersey, it was very stylish.
Producer: Your movements weren't stiff, they felt very natural.
Producer: I guess you could really call this the usual Noah-kun? I think this gets conveyed very well in the photos we've taken.
The shape of gratitude 1 (4)
Noah: The same goes for you, I did not think you would be so observant.
Noah: But I'm glad. Since it is my objective to get you to think like this.
The shape of gratitude 1 (5)
Noah: To what extent can I enchant you day by day? ... This has become a little enjoyable. Fufu...
Producer: (For some reason Noah-kun's smile feels a little scary... But it seems like it's motivating him... That's good.)