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Producer: (Hm, they say there are more people than expected... This is bad.)
Producer: (I arranged an autograph session in hopes for the fans to deliver their gratitude to Noah-kun before the Live.)
The shape of gratitude 2 (1)
Noah: A lot of people are here! I'm happy.
Producer: Uh, yes. That's right.
Producer: (More people than expected gathered... Even if that is a pleasant thing, can he guarantee to deliver an autograph to everyone within time...)
Producer: (But...)
Noah: I have to do my best.
Producer: (When I see Noah-kun's smile... I have no choice but to pull through!)
Staff: The autograph session begins!
The shape of gratitude 2 (2)
Noah: Really? That's good. I'm happy if I can be your strength. Thank you.
Producer: (......)
Noah: Wah, can I accept this? That's amazing... My return gift will be today's stage. Have high expectations.
Producer: (This is bad... What should I do?)
Noah: I think the same, fufu!
Producer: (If he doesn't finish it up soon, we're not arriving in time for the rehearsal...!)
Producer: (The rehearsal is absolutely vital for the success of the event.)
Producer: Noah-kun... can I interrupt for a moment... ... It's almost time...
The shape of gratitude 2 (3)
Noah: ... I know. But... hmph.
Noah: These young women gathered for my sake like this, so it's unreasonable to leave!
Producer: Noah-kun...
Noah: ... Hmph.
Producer: (There's honesty in his eyes... Noah-kun is serious. But if that's the case, I...)
Producer: ... I understand. Continue the autograph session like this.
Noah: Producer...
Producer: Because I'll do something about it!
The shape of gratitude 2 (4)
Noah: ... Thank you, I'll leave it to you.
Producer: Yes!
The shape of gratitude 2 (5)
Noah: (In the end, I said nothing but selfish things... At least in this case.)
Noah: This selfishness, I will stick with it. I'll give my best for that sake, for your sake.

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