Producer: With this, the catering is also... Alright.
Producer: ... Hah~...
Producer: (We stretched the autograph session until the very last minute. Somehow Noah-kun was able to get to the rehearsal in time too.)
Producer: ... I'm so tired. Let me sit on a chair for a little...
Producer: (The rehearsal began in peace... I'm glad I was somehow able to manage everything.)
Producer: I'm gla... d............ Zzz...
The shape of gratitude 3 (1)
Noah: Hah... we did it somehow. All thanks to the Producer...
Producer: Zzz... Zzz...
Noah: Producer...?
Noah: (She's sleeping...? ... What a cute sleeping face, but I can't let her continue sleeping in here...)
The shape of gratitude 3 (2)
Noah: Producer, wake up.
Producer: Nn...... uh.
Noah: Good morning... Producer.
Producer: Eh, I... fell asleep?
Noah: Looks like it. Right now are the solo rehearsals. So rest assured.
Producer: The time! ... Ah, not much time has passed... I'm glad.
The shape of gratitude 3 (3)
Noah: Thank you. Thanks to you I made it in time, Producer...
Noah: You granted a wish of mine. After all, you really are a capable person.
Producer: Not at all, because when I looked at the feelings of your fans, I thought that I also wanted to do something, Noah-kun.
Producer: But I should have taken your popularity into account and ensured you more time from the beginning instead, Noah-kun. ... I'm sorry.
Noah: There is nothing you have to apologize for. There is only gratitude from me.
Noah: ...
The shape of gratitude 3 (4)
Noah: After all I'm hopeless without you...
Producer: Wah! Noah-kun...
Noah: Hugging you like this feels very warm. I wonder if it's because you were sleeping.
Noah: Your sleeping face was also very cute and lovely, it was a good thing to see before the performance.
Producer: ... Hey... Stop, this is embarrassing...
Noah: No, don't try to escape. Because your shyness is cute.
Noah: It's only agitating me, you know? [Name]
The shape of gratitude 3 (5)
Noah: I dedicate today's stage to you. To you, who prepared this stage, I'm grateful.
Noah: So please listen to my song.