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Producer: (Hmmm, where did Tsubaki-kun go...? He wasn't in the courtyard so... Where do I search next?)
The way a honorable man lives 1 (1)
Tsubaki: Haaa.... I feel revived... Green tea really is great.
Producer: Ah, Tsubaki-kun.
Tsubaki: Hm? Yo, Producer. Were you searching for me?
Producer: Yes, the next photoshoot has been decided, so I wanted to talk to you about it.
Tsubaki: I don't mind talking, but sit down first. You need to calm down right?
Producer: Ah, right. Then, I will sit down.
Tsubaki: Come on, have some tea. I bought four cups anyways so drink without problems.
Producer: Thank you.... But, why did you buy so much....?
Tsubaki: Out of habit I bought some for Toya and the rest too, but I realized only now that they were busy with work today,
Producer: I see.... Then I will explain the job this time while enjoying some tea.
The way a honorable man lives 1 (2)
Tsubaki: Taisho.....
Producer: You will have the role of a soldier. The story is about you falling in love with a town girl. That's why I think you will interact a lot with the actress...
Producer: There's also a fighting scene.
Tsubaki: A fighting scene! Nice!
Producer: But now starts the part that worries me...
The way a honorable man lives 1 (3)
Tsubaki: Hm?
Producer: It seems action will be genuine, so it might be a really dangerous job for you.
Producer: The job is really charming itself, and it's an official shooting for the drama too.... And I think there hasn't been a main role as big as this one.
Producer: When I think that you might injure yourself... I....
Tsubaki: Hey, Producer.
The way a honorable man lives 1 (4)
Tsubaki: I say this myself but I'm a sadist you know? If you say you want me to do it I will
Producer: What does that even have to do with being a sadist..... If you said you were a masochist... I would have kind of understood.
Tsubaki: Don't think about the details! From what I heard it's perfect for me. And also it's a job really fitting for Tenjyou Tenge!
Producer: (Even though I told him that I'm worried. *sigh* It's really going to turn out like this....)
Tsubaki: I'm really looking forward to it. A honorable man living in Taisho.... Shivering military. Are there any materials about the costumes?
Producer: ....Just worrying seems to be useless huh.... Ehm, so, the costume materials... Ah, those here.
Tsubaki: Heeh they're elaborated. Haha, I like it! Thank you for worrying about me but I will take this job.
Producer: I knew you would say it.... I hope the last minute setups were good.
Tsubaki: ....Setups?
Producer: For example the safety, the costume ornaments, scenario discussions.... Truth is, I want to see you with japanese ornaments.
Tsubaki: Heh, if you expect that of me there's no way I can't meet your expectations. But...
The way a honorable man lives 1 (5)
Producer: Ouch! D-Don't flick my forehead all of a sudden!
Tsubaki: I'm thankful that you're always working so hard for us, but don't push yourself too much, ok?
The way a honorable man lives 1 (6)
Tsubaki: You look really tired.
Producer: What.... No way....
Tsubaki: Also, as our producer it wouldn't look good if you looked like a fool.
Producer: Uh.... You're right...
The way a honorable man lives 1 (7)
Tsubaki: ....Thank you.
Producer: ...Tsubaki-kun
Tsubaki: I will definitely meet your expectations. Also... I won't get hurt so don't worry and just watch.
Producer: ....Yes.

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