The whole sky's palpitation 1 (1)
Leon: Uwah... An amazing starry sky!
Producer: This is perfect for the image of the new song, right? However, it was very difficult to find a location like this.
Leon: Thanks a lot, Producer!
Producer: Ahaha! You're welcome!
Leon: Well, let's start with the astronomical observation right now! And for that, ta-dah!
Producer: What did you bring with you?
Leon: A planisphere! Uhm, so if you put this that way and this way...
Producer: You brought something very nostalgic with you. But being able to see what kind of constellations should be there like this might be fun.
The whole sky's palpitation 1 (2)
Leon: Uhm, and uuuhm and... no, I don't get it!
Producer: ... Eh?
Leon: Even though I especially brought this with me, I just don't get it.
Producer: ... No matter how you look at it, you're giving up way too quickly. Can you let me take a look?
Leon: Fine, but maybe even you won't understand it, Producer?
Producer: That is...
Leon: After all, it's very dark here so you can't see it well in the first place.
Producer: (... That is true. But if you especially brought it with you, you should try a little harder.)
The whole sky's palpitation 1 (3)
Leon: Rather than glaring so stubbornly at the chart, you should look at the stars in the sky, you know?
Producer: Even though you brought it, you say this... Well, but if you say it's fine, then it's fine, Leon-kun.
Leon: No, that's not a problem at all! After all, even without looking at it, there are constellations I know.
Producer: Constellations you know? For example?
Leon: For example... Ah, here. The Polaris is in the center of the Cassiopeia constellation and the Big Dipper.
Leon: It's not a star that stands out much, but I'm really good at finding it.
Leon: Then if you follow a curve from the line of the Big Dipper, there is the Corvus constellation after the Spring Triangle.
Leon: The previous Spring Triangle is famous. The star Spica of the Virgo constellation is pretty famous too, you know?
Producer: ... I'm surprised. You know stars very well, Leon-kun.
The whole sky's palpitation 1 (4)
Leon: Because when I was in Britain I lived in the countryside. I'm pretty good at looking at the stars!
Leon: That said! Since the stars you can see here and there are completely different, I have to study a lot before coming here next time!
Producer: Leon-kun and studying...? How rare.
Leon: Hey, do you really have to say it that way!? Even I want to show you my strong points sometimes, Producer.
Producer: "Sometimes"... I know nothing but strong points from you, Leon-kun.
Leon: Heh!?
Producer: What's wrong. You let out a strange voice.
Leon: You know nothing but strong points... By coming here the fluttering in my heart I get by receiving these generous compliments from you does not stop...!
Producer: Fluttering...! Geez, what stupid things are you saying. Come on, let's continue astronomical observation!
Leon: No, I want to show off this fluttering heart to the whole stary sky!
The whole sky's palpitation 1 (5)
Leon: Producer praised me!!! Producer, I love you!!!!
Producer: Hey!? Don't shout in the middle of the night!

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