Time for the two 1 (1)
Rabi: I have to decide on a book in this...
Producer: Oh, Rabi-kun?
Time for the two 1 (2)
Rabi: Sensei. Are you also here to borrow a book, sensei?
Producer: No, I just returned a book I finished. Did you come here to borrow a book?
Rabi: Yes. I noticed that there seems to be the saying "autumn of reading" in Japan.
Rabi: So me and the other members of my unit hold a competition. We want to find out who can discover the most interesting book.
Producer: You get along well as usual. If that's the case, can I cooperate too?
Time for the two 1 (3)
Rabi: Really? That's the power of 100 people. This library room is a lot bigger than I thought, I was wondering about what kind of book I'm going to read.
Producer: The amount of books really makes it the size of a small library, but it's still a lot less. Our principal was really into it, but he is still a human after all.
Rabi: Ahaha. Even so, that's one strong point of the principal.
Producer: I can affirm that this is a "strong point", however, I have my doubts if showing off like this is one.
Rabi: It has the power to attract people to this extent. It really deserves respect.
Producer: Do you want to be like the principal, Rabi-kun?
Rabi: No, this has nothing to do with it... Even so--
Producer: Even so?
Rabi: Well, that was a secret. No matter that you're my teacher, I'm not able to say much more.
Rabi: So, sensei. We have to look for books much faster than this. No matter how much time we have in here, it won't be enough.
Producer: Uh, that's right. Well... Ah, Rabi-kun, what kind of books do you like? Let's look around those first--
Time for the two 1 (4)
Rabi: I want to read your favorite book, sensei.
Producer: My favorite book?
Rabi: Yes. I'd like you to tell me your recommendation, because I want to know your favorite things.
Producer: If that's the case... Ah, it's here! I recommend this. It was my favorite romance novel when I was in high school.
Producer: To be able to devote my whole existence to love, I had longed for such a thing during my high school time. That really brings me back...
Time for the two 1 (5)
Rabi: Romance novels... It's unexpected to get such a recommendation from you, sensei.
Producer: Ah... romance novels must be boring to boys, I guess. It just came into my sight. Well, about a book Rabi-kun likes to read--
Rabi: I want to read that book.
Producer: ... It's fine? You don't need to be considerate of me, you know?
Rabi: I'm not being considerate. Better said, I'm interested in it. What kind of love did sensei long for in her high school years, I'm eager to find out!

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