Producer: Sigh…
Producer: (Even though I’d thought that we were finally going to be able to let those boys have a big live show, too…
Producer: An outdoor show. I do think that that’s a venue where they’ll be able to show off enough of their ability. But still…)
Producer: I wonder if there was more that could have been done…
To The Highest Stage 1 (1)
Noah: Talking to yourself again?
Producer: Eh, ah, Noah-kun!
Noah: Good afternoon, Sensei.
Producer: Hello. How odd to meet you in a place like this. You can sit down here, if you’d like.
Noah: Thank you. Well then, pardon me.
To The Highest Stage 1 (2)
Noah: All of that aside, you seem to have been doing nothing but sighing to yourself for a while now. Are you worried about something?
Producer: Nothing of the sort. I’ve just had too much work to cram into my schedule recently… Ahaha.
Noah: You’re a bad liar, aren’t you, Sensei?
Producer: (…He saw through me.)
Noah: Excuse me, I’d like… a cup of black Assam tea. And a refill for her coffee.
Server: Right away, sir.
Producer: Eh, I don’t really need…
To The Highest Stage 1 (3)
Noah: It’s fine for me to at least get you a cup of coffee in exchange for spending time with me, right? I’d like to talk to you, after all. Don’t be so modest.
Producer: Well, then…. I’ll suppose I’ll take you up on that offer.
Noah: Yeah. You’re very cute when you’re honest.
Producer: I have to wonder how you can look at your teacher and say she’s cute.
Noah: Ah, that was rude of me. Japanese is so difficult, isn’t it?
Producer: (So you say, even though you didn’t even stop to think when you said that…)
Noah: Come now, don’t make that face. It looks like your new coffee has arrived. Cheer up.
To The Highest Stage 1 (4)
Server: Thank you for waiting.
Noah: So, then? What’s the reason you’ve been sighing here by yourself? I’ve said this before, but there’s no use in hiding it.
Noah: If anyone’s making you worry so, Ms. Workaholic, then it has to be us, right?
Producer: That’s… right, but…
Noah: Hmm… Seeing you so worried about someone other than me makes me feel a bit annoyed.
Producer: Sigh… U-uwah…!
[Noah stands up]
To The Highest Stage 1 (5)
Noah: Don’t you think you can run away when I’ve got my eye on you from up here. Now I’m sure you’ve got something to say that’s not just a sigh, don’t you?
Producer: (Ah, is he doing this because he’s mad, maybe…? I know that he’s worried about me. But…
Producer: Can I really talk about this with any of these kids…?)


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